Access Your Books, PDF and ePub Files via iCloud Drive or iBooks

access icloud driveJust imagine that you are working somewhere in Amsterdam, and suddenly need information from your year report that is kept on your iMac in Berlin. No worries. There is no need to fly back if you work with iBooks and iCloud Drive. These services help users to synchronize ePub, iBooks Author, and PDF files and to approach them on different gadgets.


Once you open iBooks after upgrading to iOS 9.3 or OS X 10.11.4, you will be prompted to use iCloud. If the suggestion does not appear, you may need to set up the information storage service by yourself. When iCloud Drive is activated, all files will be automatically downloaded to iCloud. Any ePub, iBooks Author or PDF file added to iBooks will also automatically go to iCloud.

Purchased in the iBooks Store works are not saved in iCloud Drive. However, they can be downloaded again. Samples of books and audiobooks are not synchronized with iCloud Drive. If the books do not appear as downloadable, make sure that ‘Hide iCloud Books’ button in the Collections menu turned off.

Booting up files from iCloud Drive

The data you need can be saved on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac.

How to download items to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch:

  • Open iBooks.
  • Find the object to boot up.
  • Click the Download icon in the upper-right corner of the required file.
  • The selected object will be downloaded to the library.

Note: If you turn off iBooks in the Settings menu → iCloud → iCloud Drive, iBooks files saved in the Apple information storage service will not be available on this device anymore.

How to download items to your Mac:

For this, you just need to activate iBooks program in the System Settings menu – iCloud – iCloud Drive.

ePub, iBooks Author and PDF files in iCloud Drive are automatically saved in the iBooks library.

Getting rid of files

Like saving, deleting for different gadgets is also different.

If you need to get rid of a file from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, follow these guides:

  • Open iBooks.
  • In the upper-right corner of the iBooks window, tap Select.
  • In the top left corner of the iBooks window, choose Delete.
  • If you want to get rid of a file from iCloud and other gadgets, choose ‘Delete from all devices’.
  • To annul only the copy that is stored on the device you are using, click ‘Delete this copy’. In this case, the file is not deleted from iCloud and other devices.

To get rid of a file from Mac, take these simple steps:

  • Open iBooks.
  • Find the object to delete.
  • Right-click the object, and select Delete.
  • To black out a document from iCloud and from all your devices, click Delete Everywhere.

Congratulations, now you know how to make your life simpler and to work with a variety of files, even being thousands of miles away from your computer.