Activation Lock on the Apple Watch from A to Z

Activation Lock is an option every iPhone user can notice in Find My iPhone. It is an extremely important feature that doesn’t allow anybody to access and use the information from your Apple Watch in case a user loses the device or it’s stolen.
Make sure your Apple Watch has watchOS 2 or up – the earlier versions do not have Find My iPhone and Activation Lock features. Each time a user uses Find My iPhone on the paired device, these functions automatically switch on. In case of Activation Lock, you will need Apple ID and passcode in order to prevent the third-party users from:

  1. Unpairing the Apple Watch gadget from iPhone.
  2. Pairing and using Apple Watch with a new device.
  3. Disable Find My iPhone feature.

These features play a significant role in enhancing the security of your data and devices. You may leave the gadget somewhere unintentionally or forget it elsewhere by accident; in the worst-case scenario, it can be stolen. Why would you provide a malefactor with an opportunity to use private data from your iPhone? You may clean the phone on a regular basis, but the Activation Lock feature will go on deterring other users from doing any operations with your gadget. Just make sure the Find My iPhone option is active all the time. Also, do not forget personal Apple ID and passcode.


Find out whether Activation Lock is active

Stick to the stages described below to discover if Activation Lock is active on your device:

  1. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  2. Push the My Watch button. Tap the watch’s title at the top.
  3. Press “I” button.

If you spot the Find My Apple Watch section, it means that the Activation Lock feature is working.

What if Apple Watch goes out of sight?

In situations when you lose your Apple Watch or simply forget it somewhere, the Find My iPhone utility can assist in your search. It helps to place your iPhone in a safe mode and defend the personal data. It’s enough to log in to iCloud or Find My iPhone to view the missing watch on a map. It is also possible to apply Lost Mode in order to lock iPhone, distantly delete private details, and play a sound to locate the device if you suspect it’s anywhere near.


Switch off the Activation Lock feature before giving away Apple Watch, selling it, or sending it for service

Do not hurry up to give away Apple Watch or sell it – make sure to deactivate Activation Lock first. Simply unpair the gadget from the mobile device by doing the following:

  1. Hold both gadgets close enough to each other.
  2. Launch the Apple Watch app and open the tab My Watch.
  3. Tap the watch’s title at the top. Push “I” button.
  4. Pick Unpair Apple Watch. If you possess Apple Watch Series 3, push Remove [Carrier] Plan. Don’t want to pair it with a various device? Then, contact your carrier to quit the cellular subscription.
  5. Type Apple ID passcode and confirm the action.

Having troubles with accessing one of the gadgets or having an unpaired Apple Watch? Try switching off the Activation Lock option:

  1. Move to iCloud. Log in with personal Apple ID.
  2. Select Find My iPhone.
  3. Choose All Devices. Press Apple Watch.
  4. Select Erase Apple Watch. Pick Next until the device is wiped.
  5. Push the X button near the Apple Watch.