Advanced AirPods and the Charging Case Capabilities

Learn more details about AirPods: change their name, adjust what happens after you tap an AirPod twice, clean the AirPods and their case, etc.

Change the AirPods’ features

First, open the charging case of the AirPods. On the iOS device, open Settings, and see the Bluetooth section. In the list of devices, tap app info icon next to the AirPods’ tab. Now do the following:

Change the Name of AirPods

First, tap the AirPods’ actual name. Next, type in their new name, and tap the button Done.

Change the double tap functions

On the screen of the Bluetooth, select either right or left AirPods; then choose the functions each of the AirPods stands for:

  • Double-tap an AirPod to launch Siri which can help you to adjust the volume, control the audio and do many other tasks.
  • Play your audio, stop it, or set on a pause.
  • Skip to the track which stands next on the audio list.
  • Return to the previous audio track.

Enable or disable Automatic Ear Detection

By default, your AirPods are designed to sense when you put them in your ears. If you remove either of the AirPods, they would pause and then resume music playback. If you remove both of them – AirPods would stop music playback and won’t resume it.

With Automatic Ear Detection enabled, audio will start playing through the speakers of your device when you don’t wear the AirPods.

When Automatic Ear Detection is turned off all of the above features won’t be available, and audio will play to the AirPods, whether you wear them or not.

Set the AirPods’ microphone

Both AirPods are equipped with the microphones, to let you use Siri and make phone calls. Microphone of the AirPods is set to be automatic by default. Thus, each of the AirPods can play the function of the microphone. In case you are using only one of the AirPods, that one of them will act as a microphone.

It’s also possible to assign Microphone to Always Right or Always Left. After, only the right or only the left AirPod will act as a microphone, even in case you take it out of your ear and put it into the charging case.

Cleaning the AirPods and their charging case

Regular cleaning of the AirPods and their case is important. Do it with a piece of a soft, lint-free cloth. Watch moisture not to get into any of the openings. Don’t use any solvents, abrasives, or sprays for cleaning.

Find the AirPods’ serial number

airpods serial number

You can find the serial number of the charging case on the underside of its lid.

If the AirPods are synced with your iOS devices, you can also see their serial number. Open Settings, and go to the section General, then About and AirPods, to find it.