How to use AdwareMedic on your Mac safely?

adwaremedic appTo begin with, OS X is designed so that each running process is isolated from the other, thus, they do not affect each other. High security of the system can be violated only by the user himself who grants administrator access rights when installing various applications. That’s how various malicious software penetrate the system. Apparently removing them without third-party utilities is not an easy case. However, the program AdwareMedic is a great helper in this issue. At the moment this free app recognizes and works with more that 20 different types of malicious advertising programs, and in the future this list will be constantly updated. AdwareMedic is a simple and very effective application that will become an excellent component of OS X for recognizing malware that contains ads.

How to install AdwareMedic?

Installing the program is as simple as it gets. For that, perform the following:

  1. Download the program from the official website.
  2. Find the AdwareMedic disk icon, then drag the program to the Applications folder and launch the app. The message notifying that the program has been just downloaded from the web should appear. Proceed and click Open when prompted. In case the message doesn’t show up, find System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy and modify the settings to “Mac AppStore and identified developers”.
  3. This app is donationware, so you can keep the app free for as long as you wish. However, if it does solve your issue, donate some cash.
  4. Click on Scan for Adware.
  5. Once the scan is completed, follow the provided instructions.

Useful tips

  1. We recommend you to back up all your data prior to performing the scan. Actually, backup should be conducted on a regular basis and when you’re facing any issues you’re your device, you are definitely at higher than usual risk of losing the important information regardless you follow the app instructions properly or not.
  2. If there is more than one user on your Mac, and the one that is affected by the issue isn’t an administrator, you need to carry out the test twice: first time when you are logged in as the affected user, and the other one as an administrator. Note that the results may vary. In case you cannot log in to the system as an administrator, feel free to scan the affected user. What is important, do not log in as root.

Post the results to get the advice

After that scan, you will be offered to post your results to the public forum. If any private information, for example, your name and email, shows up in the results, you can anonymize it prior to making the post. Usually it won’t be required afterwards.

Once you post your scan results, an error message stating that you aren’t authorized to post or that your post includes restricted content may appear. That is a bug in the forum software and you may post your results on Pastebin. It’s a public forum where users may advise you on the issues you reported. However, they speak only for themselves and it is up to you whether to follow their pieces of advice.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, AdwareMedic seems to be a very promising program. If you are tired of inappropriate ads appearing while you are surfing the web, you should definitely consider installing this software on your Mac.