How to Solve AirPods Overheating and Battery Draining Issues

The jackless iPhone is not the first successful attempt of Apple to get more with less. The company is in the habit of streamlining its devices, thereby simplifying their use and flattening the learning curve. The latest example of Apple’s minimalist approach to design challenges is AirPods. The wireless earbuds and a miniature case is an elegant solution to the perennial problem of tangled earphones. The modern science has yet to answer why the probability of wire knots forming in the unperturbed space of a pocket is so frustratingly high. However, instead of experimenting with wires of varying ductility, malleability, and length, Apple has decided to scrap them altogether. It means that members of the Apple crowd no longer have to look at a pitiful clump of earphone wires and wonder how to untangle it. At this point, it is clear that AirPods have blazed a new trail across the technology landscape.

To the chagrin of Apple users, some AirPods are overheating. Sometimes it happens after several hours of listening to music and sometimes after a few minutes of use. Overheating is a cause for concern because it is associated with self-melting, which can damage one’s hearing. AirPods owners also report that some units drain power abnormally quickly. The article has been written to help AirPods users resolve the power loss and overheating issues.

Power Loss

AirPods battery drain issue has gained prominence after iOS 11 upgrade. If the earbuds’ batteries completely drain over less than five hours of use, it means that the product malfunctions. Resetting is a quick fix to the issue. To reset AirPods, do the following:

  1. Press the setup button of the earbuds’ case;
  2. Release the button when the status light flashes white;
  3. Reconnect the earbuds.

If the issue of quick draining doesn’t disappear, it is necessary to completely discharge the batteries and then recharge them. It has to be borne in mind that the lithium-ion batteries of AirPods have an extremely limited shelf life, which is why they should be replaced in a year and a half after the purchase. That said, if AirPods have been in use for more than a year, chances are that the issue won’t be resolved. In such a case, it is necessary to contact Apple support for battery replacement. A battery of a single earbud can be replaced for $49.


Overheating is another issue frequently reported by AirPods adopters. If the earbuds start overheating after several minutes of use, it’s a hardware issue that requires professional intervention. Troubleshooting the overheating problem is a complicated task. It is not recommended to attempt to fix the issue because the device might be completely destroyed in the process. What can and should be done is to replace the faulty AirPods. If the malfunction occurs during the first year of AirPods ownership, the device can be replaced under warranty.

Here’s what a user can do to prevent new AirPods from overheating. Start by regularly cleaning earbuds. To remove dust and dirt from white earbuds, use a microfiber cloth. Note that skin-cleaning solutions should never be applied to the case or earbuds themselves because they might damage the polish. Use a small amount of water instead. At the risk of stating an extremely obvious item of importance, it should be mentioned that the exposure to high temperature might damage AirPods. Therefore, do not leave them in direct sunlight for an extended period.