What to Do if the 6th Generation Airport Base Station Fan Keeps Failing?

Have you faced a situation when the fan set on the Airport started screeching and grinding? Perhaps, it is misbehaving due to the outdated warranty. Some people believe it is possible to save the situation by replacing the fan with the help of special replacement part number. A fan is a typical failing issue on this model.

Check Apple Warranty

The primary step to take is to examine the warranty. In case a user runs out of a single-year warranty, Apple should cover it if the user purchases AppleCare or has it installed on Mac or another Apple device such as iPad or Apple TV up to a couple of years prior the deal. In any other country different from the United States, an Apple user may insist on the statutory guarantee according to the accepted consumer laws and regulations active in his or her country. Just go through these rules.

AirPort Extreme Fan Replacement

Here is another popular view, so you should consider it as well. Apple Inc. treats the AirPort Extreme as a sealed device. That is why the company does not plan to offer repair parts for this good.

What you can do is pull the old fan and examine whether an original manufacturer, as well as its unique number, are mentioned. Thanks to this information, it might be possible to discover an appropriate replacement. For instance, the Airport may use a Delta fan. That is what it gives:

  1. A credible Torx screwdriver handles the 2 screws by holding the fan in place.
  2. The DC brushless fan BSB0712HC-HM01 is created by Delta Electronics.
  3. It quickly blows off the fan in favor of peeking under the metal casing.

There are not many reports of fans making a lot of noise. The more frequent issue is an intermittent power supply.

It is necessary to be careful while opening up the AirPort Extreme: it has many connectors that are sensitive and can be easily broken. Then, the Apple company will not provide the user with a warranty for sure.

A Measure of Last Resort

If nothing works, try one more recommendation. Open up the fan and use a bit of oil on the spindle of the fan. Put it back together.

Try WD-40 – it will work for a short period of time. The next thing to try is applying some oil placed around that came with an electric shaver. It might work the for about 24 hours in a normal regime. Mind that a fan will run at a lower speed after taking the advised measures. Still, it will not send any warnings about overheating to the Airport Utility activated on the desktop.

Those are several handy and more-or-less effective solutions a user should try if a fan fails on sixth generation Airport base station.