Is There an Airport Utility for Windows 10?

If you try to search for an Airport Utility, it will say you can get one only from the official Apple Store, designed specifically for Apple devices. It is a hint that Windows or Android users cannot use this one.

Why Would Anyone Need an Airport Utility?

What is an Airport Utility about? Apple computer owners have an opportunity to manage their Wi-Fi networks and AirPort base stations thanks to the given utility. It is possible to control AirPort Express, Extreme, and Time Capsule from the user’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The tool allows modifying the network stations and controlling advance options such as security. So, it guarantees a safe network connection and many other bonuses.

Overall, it has a no-nonsense interface. The only available graphics are the initial screen that displays icons of all bods on the network as well as their connections.

So, Can I Get It on Windows?

Once you learn more about Airport utility, you may want to install this one on Windows computer. So, is there a way to get an Airport Utility for Windows 10?

You are not the only one to wonder. Unfortunately, officially, Apple Inc. has not upgraded Windows edition of the discussed tool. If there is no Mac or iOS, it is difficult to see the point in purchasing an Apple router.

The most recent Windows version still works in the later versions of the operating system. For instance, it is possible to run it on Windows 8.1 and Windows X on a user’s network.

At the same time, the utility is not supported by the most recently released model airports. However, a user can skip the warning and move next to the installation after downloading AirPort Utility 5.6.1 for Windows from the available free sources. After the setup process, AirPort will partially operate. To take the full advantage, apply the tool on Macs or iOS devices only.

Another Scenario

If you use Windows 10 and iTunes for managing media, AirPort Express will be helpful for streaming audio files to speakers. Airport Express will operate with the help of Airport Extreme as the base station. Airport Express will not be identified by the rest of the routers like BT home hub, so do not even waste your time. You may still count on Airport Utility for Windows. The trick is that once you start up Windows 10 operating system, do not hurry up to use just any applications. In this case, Airport will most probably find the Apple network successfully. Perhaps, it will work just after a few good tries, so you should keep trying. Sometimes, it requires a reboot to complete the mission.