How to Manage Cards in the Apple Pay system?

When you connect your payment cards to online Wallet, it is possible to exchange your default card, replace your personal info, or just get the card out. However, the use of several paying cards differs depending on the gadget you have. Anyway, let’s find out how to deal with your money cards connected to your Apple Pay service now.

Replacing the default card

manage credit cards mac os

The first card, which you have in your Wallet, is known as your default card. If you upload many cards and need to update the default card, follow these instructions:

  • Enter the Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay installed on iPad or iPhone. Then pick Default Card and select another card.
  • On the iPhone, launch the Apple Watch application. Choose My Watch page, pick Wallet & Apple Pay → Default Card, then pick another card.

MacBook Pro with Touch ID

Enter the Preferences → Wallet & Apple Pay. Select a new card from the Default Card menu you see.

Remember! P2P payments with Apple Pay and its money are not available on Mac operating system.

For changing the default card on your iPhone, just enter your Wallet, press and hold a card; after that, place it to the front of other cards.

Change your contact and billing data

Discover ways to replace your shipping and billing details for the cards used via Apple Pay online service.

iPhone or iPad

  • For altering your billing info, visit Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay, pick a card; after that, choose what you need to replace.
  • To make some changes to your email, contact number, and shipping info, enter Settings → wallet & Apple Pay, then select what you need to replace.

MacBook Pro with Touch ID

  • When you decide to update your billing statistics, enter System preferences → Wallet & Apple Pay, pick a card, click on the Billing Address in a pop-up menu.
  • To replace your email address, telephone number, and delivery address, visit System Preferences → Wallet & Apple Pay and click on Contact and Shipping.

By default, you cannot change your card number or expiration date. It should get automatically updated once you obtain a new card. If the card-issuing organization would not provide updates, you should get the card out, then upload it once more.

Recommendations for removing your card

If you want to, you could get a card out of your gadget. For Apple Pay Cash, you can use the next steps to shut your Apple Pay Cash account or deactivate Apple Pay Cash on an appropriate device.

  • To stop using a card, which is still active on your iPad or iPhone, you should enter Settings → then click on Wallet & Apple Pay, pick the card which you need to eliminate, then click Remove the Card.
  • For a card removal on Apple Watch, launch the Apple Watch application on your iOS device, open the My Watch tab, find and pick Wallet & Apple Pay, pick the card, then click Remove Card.

MacBook Pro with Touch ID and card removing process

In order to get rid of a card that you use on your MacBook Pro laptop with Touch ID, open Wallet & Apple Pay through System Preferences, select the card that you want to cast off, then press the minus (–) symbol to remove the card.

You could also put off a card from your device directly. On your iPad or iPhone, enter Wallet, pick a card, choose info icon, then select Remove Card. Also, on your Apple Watch, open Wallet from the Home screen, pick a card, press it, and click Delete.

How to use your rewards or store cards

If a rewards card is set up to be chosen automatically with Automatic Selection, your rewards data can be presented in the shops when using Apple Pay.

When connecting your rewards or store card to Wallet, you may be given an option to set the card to be selected automatically. In order to make the Automatic Selection active or not, you may:

  • Launch the Wallet app.
  • Choose the necessary shop card.
  • Click on data icon, then make Automatic Selection active or deactivate it.

What to do if your gadget is lost or stolen

In order to become a user of Apple Pay System, you need to authorize and verify each type of card purchase with Touch ID, Face ID or a passcode. Also, when using Apple Watch while Wrist Detection is working, you will have to enter your passcode whenever you put your Apple Watch on. All those functions save you from other people using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac illegally.

Use the Apple ID account or Find My iPhone service to suspend or completely eliminate the possibility to purchase from your device using Apple Pay.

On your Apple ID account web page, sign in and click on your device. Inside the data that appears, visit the Apple Pay and click on either eliminate or get rid of them. Your cards could be suspended or eliminated from Apple Pay even if your device is not working or is not connected to the Internet. It’s also possible to contact your issuing company to disconnect your paying cards from the Apple Pay system.