What Should You Do When Apple TV Doesn’t Work Right?

Apple TV is a digital media player and console with an on-screen interface, which allows listening to music, watching shows and movies on the internet. The latest Apple TV 4K provides users with an extensive HDR and Dolby Vision experience.

Make sure the power cable works well

apple tv not workIn the event Apple TV won’t turn on, ensure that the power cable is plugged in and that the status lamp is lit. If the status lamp doesn’t light up, try the following:

    • Wake up Apple TV using the remote.
    • Switch off the power cable for 30 seconds; having waited a bit, plug it back into your Apple TV. Use a different power source/outlet.
    • In case you’re using a power strip, make sure it is switched on.

Check the Apple TV HDMI cable

In case the status lamp on your Apple TV is all right, but there is no video or sound, check if the HDMI cord is plugged into the devices on both ends. The cable should be securely connected to the Apple TV and the connected receivers, televisions, or HDMI switches.

Ensure receiver and television have proper settings

First of all, check if your TV/receiver are switched on and if the device has proper settings. In case your TV/receiver has a number of HDMI slots, you might have to try different HDMI inlets on the TV/receiver your Apple TV connects to. If this doesn’t help, try using another HDMI port or HDMI cord.

Switch the display mode

The only thing you see might be a black screen. Or, the Apple logo briefly appears, but the screen turns black again. If that’s the case, modify the video resolutions using the Apple TV remote control:

  • For Apple TV 4K/ 4th generation Apple TV devices:
    Press and hold Menu and Volume Down buttons for 5 seconds, then let go. The TV would start consequently switching to a new resolution mode every 20 sec. Choose the needed resolution by selecting OK, or press Cancel button to quit.
  • For 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV devices:
    Press and hold Menu and Up buttons for 5 seconds, then release. The Apple TV would start consequently switching to a new resolution every 20 seconds. Choose the needed resolution by selecting OK, or Cancel to quit.

What to Do if Apple TV Doesn’t Work?

What should you do if Apple TV still doesn’t work? Most likely, there is a problem with the TV/receiver connection or HDMI cord if your television is ‘blind’ and ‘mute.’
Try the following advice checking if it has taken any effect after each step:

  1. Switch to another HDMI port on the TV.
  2. Use a different HDMI cord to connect your Apple TV directly to your TV. Don’t use a switch or receiver as an intermediary connector. Make sure to use HDMI 1 or Input 1 on your TV.
  3. In case your Apple TV is directly connected to your TV, and it only displays the home screen of Apple TV, try connecting either an HDMI switch or a receiver, one at a time.
  4. Check if the Home screen still shows up on your TV after connecting every device.

If you experience similar issues on newer Apple TV 4K devices, find out how to configure your Apple TV 4K.