Apple Watch Doesn’t Charge or Switch on. What Should I Do?

apple watch not turn on

Do you experience any difficulties with turning on your Apple Watch or charging the gadget? Make an attempt to improve the situation with

the help of recommended stages listed and described below. Get rid of the problems with your favorite app!

Check whether the Apple Watch gadget is charging at all

Every time a user connects the device to the charger, pay attention to the lighting sign on its screen, which looks like this: charge-logo. A green lightning sign means that the Apple Watch is full of power, ready to perform its functions.

Do you want to charge your Apple Watch as it is running out of power? Then, the red lightning should show up on the gadget’s screen. Sometimes, clicking the button on the side to view the Apple Watch face is necessary. During the process of charge, the red lightning symbol will be changing to the green one, proving that everything works and the gadget is really charging. In case the screen of the Apple Watch turns blank without any signs of life, it is time to let the device ‘feed’ for half an hour. In case you notice the icon of Apple Magnetic Charging Cable along with the red lightning symbol, it also means that your gadget has to charge for no less than half an hour.

If your Apple Watch still not charging


In case the Apple Watch is not charging (or a notification appears telling you that it is impossible to charge the given device), you should consider several possible ways out.

  1. Check whether you have plugged the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable entirely into the USB Power Adapter. After that, check whether the adapter was plugged into a power outlet. Make sure you have checked both options!
  2. Fully delete a plastic wrap from all side of the charger (I case it still there!)
  3. Remove all plastic wrap from the charger.
  4. Check if the magnetic charger as well as the back of your Apple Watch do not have dirt on the surface.
  5. Place the back of your Apple Watch on the charger. Wait until the green lightning appears on the watch’s face. The magnets align the gadget.
  6. Let’s say, the device is still not listening to your commands. There is nothing left to do except for restarting it. Push and keep holding the Digital Crown and side buttons. Wait for minimum ten seconds. You will need to hold until the Apple logo shows up.
  7. Perhaps, the problem is the cable or USB Power Adapter themselves. In this case, all you can do is buy new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable or another USB Power Adapter respectively. Is your Apple Watch was completely out of energy before, wait for several more minutes to see a green lightning. It will pop up once you begin to charge the Apple Watch.