What to Do If Your Apple Watch is Lost or Stolen?

What to do if you can’t find your Apple Watch? Learn how to use the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to keep your sensitive user information safe.

How to Use Find My iPhone?

The inbuilt ‘Find My iPhone’ functionality allows locating and protecting your Apple Watch if it has been lost or stolen. If you set up Find My iPhone on the iPhone paired with your smartwatch, the feature activates automatically on your Apple Watch. In the event your watch is missing or gets stolen, you can locate it using Find My iPhone. The Activation Lock will prevent the culprits from using or erasing your smartwatch.

Using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on the Apple Watch 3 activates GPS and credible Wi-Fi/cellular connection to indicate the device’s approximate location. To help you locate the device, both Apple Watch 2 and three use GPS and a credible Wi-Fi connection. However, Apple Watch 1 has no GPS functionality, so it’s possible to see its location using a paired iPhone or its Wi-Fi connection.

How to Locate Apple Watch on a Map?

find apple watch
Source: support.apple.com

To find your Apple Watch on a map, sign in at the iCloud.com website, or launch the Find My iPhone app. If it’s somewhere near, you will hear the chime to help you locate it.

For Mac or PC:

  1. Access iCloud.com → authorize with your Apple ID.
  2. Launch Find iPhone → click All Devices → Apple Watch.

For iPhone:

  1. Launch the Find My iPhone app → use your Apple ID and password to sign it.
  2. Tap the Apple Watch.

If you suspect your device is lost within your proximity range, tap/click Play Sound to find it.  The chime will play until you tap Dismiss.

If Apple Watch location doesn’t show on the map, most likely it doesn’t have Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Or, it has not been paired properly with your iPhone.

How to Switch Your Apple Watch in ‘Lost Mode’?

lost apple watch
Source: support.apple.com

In the event your Apple Watch is lost or missing, it is possible to lock it using the iCloud.com website or a paired iPhone right away. All you need is to switch your smartwatch into the Lost Mode. One can send it a message containing the phone number to contact if someone finds your Apple Watch.

  1. Click/tap Lost Mode. Confirm that you want to lock your smartwatch on your iPhone → tap Turn on Lost Mode.
  2. Type in your contact phone number → tap Next.
  3. Type in the message you want to be displayed on the watch screen.
  4. Click/tap Done.
  5. When finished, the Find My iPhone app will send you an email to verify switching your Apple Watch in Lost Mode.

How to Switch Off/Cancel the ‘Lost Mode’?

All is well that ends well! If you do manage to locate a missing Apple Watch, just tap Unlock on your smartwatch screen and enter your passcode. By doing so, you will switch off the Lost Mode to continue using your smartwatch as usual. It is also possible to switch off the Lost Mode using the paired iPhone or the iCloud website.