How to Resolve the Problem of Bluetooth Work on High Sierra

Some owners of the Apple computers could notice the problem with switching on the Bluetooth. Often, such an error in the operation of the device occurs after it was rebooted, or the operating system was upgraded (particularly, it is the case with the High Sierra upgrade).

What do we get as a result? The user can’t connect any Bluetooth accessory to the computer, including a mouse, a keyboard, or a wireless headset. When clicking on the respective icon on the top panel, the user gets a system notification that this function is currently unavailable.

If you go to the System Information subsection (which icon is located in the Programs section), you will see that your Mac refuses to recognize the built-in Bluetooth adapter. Read on to find out how you can we solve this issue.

Reset the Bluetooth module

You may attempt to find a way out of this situation by resetting the Bluetooth module on the Mac. Sounds too complicated for you? There is nothing to worry about. Resetting this module is a much simpler process than even installing a new app on your computer.

To implement this step, exit all applications and simultaneously hold down the Shift + Alt keys. After that, press on the Bluetooth icon (on the control panel) and go to the Debug menu. Next, select the Reset Bluetooth module option.

* Remember the keyboard shortcut Shift + Alt, because you might need the menu it opens in future.

Shortly after that, the module will be reset. After that, be sure to reboot the computer for all changes to take effect.

* Please be aware that after this you might need to reconfigure the connected accessories. But there should not be any problems with connecting the keyboard or mouse anymore.

Delete the Bluetooth settings file

You can also delete the Bluetooth settings file. Even its partial damage may well cause a malfunction in the operation of technology as a whole.

  1. To do this, go to the Finder. Press and hold Command + Shift + G keys combination (opens Go to folder… dialog). In the window that appears, enter the following path: /Library/Preferences/
  2. Here, find the file named “” and delete it without any remorse. If you happen to see a file called “” next to the previous one, remove it too.
  3. Next, you need to switch off your Mac for a while. Let it cool down.

*Please note that: you must completely disconnect your computer from a power outlet, not just reboot it. Otherwise, the effect of the actions performed may reduce to zero.

  1. Turn on our device.
  2. In the System Settings, move to the Bluetooth menu and try to activate it. After that, the error should vanish.

What if it doesn’t help?

If these actions do not restore normal Bluetooth operation, the issue most likely is in the work of the hardware itself. It can be resolved only in the service center.