What is BRCM-LVG under ‘Shared’ Section? Is My Mac Being Hacked?

Sometimes, a personal computer device named as BRCM-LVG shows up in the network in the Finder sidebar under the ‘Shared’ section. Some users start wondering if there are any threats to their devices and whether the device was hacked. Some of them also want to know if there is any relation between this event and the upgrade to a newer Mac operating system version.

The experienced users report they faced the same problem after getting a new ISP “Time Warner Cable” and installing a Tricolor router or modem. After an in-depth research, it is possible to discover that if you go through the settings, you may find DLNA and Digital Media Servers & USB Settings turned on by default. Try switching them off. Then, reset the router. You’ll see that ‘Q fast IP check’ and mysterious ‘BRCM-LVG’ stuff are both gone.

It means that any Mac owner has an opportunity to connect a Hard Drive using USB to the brand new router and apply it as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) tool. If you wish to activate this option wirelessly connected, it is necessary that a mass storage device should be an intermediate tool that manages the connection. It should scan the hard drive for items and transfer them to the computer, receive the incoming files from the computer and write them to the hard disk drive. Such a device is built into the TC8715D. Its basic chipset is created by Broadcom. That is where the ‘BRCM’ name comes from. In case you have some doubts regarding this device, switch off the mentioned features. Next, reset the router. Finally, eject the BRCM-LVG device from the Apple computer. That’s it!

Going Deeper into the Details

You may use “Get Info” in this situation to go deeper into permanent “fetching” status. “Quick Look” will define the root folder “storage” as a 16KB space without any data.

Time Warner and Arriss-Technicolor have both moved to MoCA and DLNA creating protocols for distributing streaming media, VoIP, and more. Technicolor and similar gateway modems require more of the work to perform on a proper level.

It looks like the modern routers with the Broadcom chipset apply internal Linux processes to function. Most of the procedures’ indicators possess labels titled “BRCM[hyphen]<nomen>.

To sum up, BRCM-LVG is a Gateway internal media server. At least, more of the conducted studies point to this fact. So you may rest assured that your computer is not being hacked. At least, in this very case.

In simple words, that BRCM-LVG is something that every Mac owner who uses a TWC wireless networks in the home is going to end up with. There is nothing to worry about, and it does not mean the computer is being hacked.