How to Bypass the Previous Owner’s Password on iPad?

Nowadays, every person wants the information to be private and secure. For this, each of us owns personal letterbox with a code or key unknown to the neighbor. Or personal e-mail address with a secret passcode. Or even steel vaults to save money, securities or any other «skeletons in the closet». However, technologies are moving ahead. During the last decade, the humanity was acquainted with the Apple production growing larger and larger. It has captured almost not even persons, but the whole families and communities with its novelty and coolness.

And the main advantage of all these gadgets is that you can synchronize all of the services and features with the single ID on various Apple devices. That protects all your data, and you don’t have to figure out lots of different passwords to different personal accounts.

Nevertheless, what if you forgot the ID, password or even did not know it at all because bought the iPad from another person, not in the store? What then? Throw the device away? Of course, not. Then read our article to find out.

How to solve the problem?

It is of a great importance to say that Apple Corporation is working for its customers and made everything to protect the clients’ privacy and legacy. So if the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch are stolen or lost, nobody else will be able to access the information stored on the device.

That is why all the Apple Service Centers highly recommend every time one buys their product from the second-hand dealer to make sure that the data on the device is erased and is no longer tied to the previous owner’s account. However, there are still and will be in the future the cases when something goes wrong. But don’t get frustrated. Ask the seller whether the activation lock was turned off, then do the following:

  1. Turn the device on and try to unlock it.
  2. If it requires a password on the lock screen or the Home screen, it means the data from the device is not erased. Thus, ask the seller to delete it completely. To do this, he should go to Settings->General->Reset->Erase content and settings.
  3. Then start the device setup process.
  4. If it requires the Apple ID and the previous owner password, then it is still tied to the previous owner’s account. Pass the device to the seller to enter the password. If you cannot meet the former owner, it is possible for him to log this gadget out of his account at iCloud

However, one can disagree that such long and tiring procedure is needed since all you need is just to put the device in DFU mode. Simply hold the home-power button for around 15 seconds to connect to the iTunes. Thus, it can put the device in recovery mode to get it restored to factory settings so that you can sign in with your own Apple ID.

Unfortunately, this is now already impossible, because it does not work starting from iOS 7 and that good old days are gone. That is why the only way to bypass the previous password is to know it or be able to connect the former owner to enter it.