How Many Audio Tracks Can a 16 GB Nano Hold?

Any music lover dreams of the device capable of saving as many songs as possible. While for some people it is enough to keep all their audio files on 8 GB or even 4 GB devices, others find 16 GB insufficient for all their favorite tunes!

Most of the users ask how many songs a 16 GB Nano can hold at once. The box for the 16 GB claims the device will be able to store something around 4,000 songs. Taking into account all audio tracks are of different size and format, it is an approximate estimation for the songs of the average length (up to 3 minutes). Some people wonder why having less than 3,000 audio tracks may occupy more space than promised. Well, the explanation below is a good answer.

In case you wonder why, for example, 2,500 songs steal more than 16 GB of your space, check the parameters of those songs. You’ll see that MP3 files are smaller than WAV and Lossless files. Accordingly, the more tracks of “weighty” formats you have, the smaller general amount of tracks would fit on your iPod Nano.

Another situation is when a consumer decides to downsize to a Nano, but is not sure whether there are too many tracks to load. It would be a pity to discover that after the purchase. Imagine you do not have videos, but there are some images and addresses on your device.
The expert’s advice is the best, and it tells that 16 GB Nano will possess something around 14.3 GB of available storage because of the manner space is estimated by the operating system versus the manufacturers. Therefore, you never get all promised 16 GB or 30 GB, and this rule works for all devices. After all, you cannot get rid of the system files, and they all need some space. They make the device function.

How to get 4,000 audio tracks?

What about the 4,000 audio tracks calculation? It is received with the help of 128k formatting with an average length of the track of four minutes. In case your chosen songs achieve, for example, 256k, you can count on no more than 2,000 audio tracks on Nano. Thus, it is important to scan the files for their size and format. It makes sense that many users are ready to sacrifice the quality of the file in favor of the quantity of tracks. It depends on what your goals are: simply listening to many different tracks as the old ones get you bored, or listen to the professional sound being a professional musician yourself.

In any case, it is always helpful to go to iTunes, right-click on a chosen file, and pick Get Info. You will see the song’s format and size, which will let you know how much space this particular item will occupy on your 16 GB Nano. If it is too much, perhaps you should think about saving songs in other formats or switching to another Nano.