What to Do If I Can’t Delete Projects in iMovie 10?

Before beginning looking for solutions to this problem, let’s figure out what iMovie 10 is and how it works.

As you know with the help of iMovie we can view our videos, create movies, trailers and much more. The concept of developers is based on the fact that all OS X applications have a very user-friendly interface and at the same time all the necessary tools. Therefore, if you have already worked with other apps from the iLife package, then the iMovie interface will seem very familiar to you.

Despite the fact that the program is considered to be one of the best for video editing among advanced amateurs, some problems may arise in working with it. For example, on forums, a question about what to do if one can’t delete projects in iMovie 10 is very common.

This article is for those who have found that after clicking on the Projects and selecting Delete project, nothing happens. So how do you delete a project in iMovie 10? And why this button does not work?

How to delete projects in iMovie 10

Many users of this program repeatedly reported this problem directly to the official Apple support service. Apparently, the issue is being considered. And now as the company ponders that question, the hints from experienced users of iMovie 10 actively appear on the forums. Whether these tips will help you, is unclear. But it’s worth a try.

One of the suggested options is to remove iMovie preferences and restart the app. This is not so difficult, so give it a try.

Another tip: create a new backup copy of the library and move your project there. Now try to delete it here. You can clear the entire new library containing the selected project if it is required. If this option works, you will not get rid of the glitch, but from the project – for sure.

Other options

Some users advise to do the following steps:

  1. Create a new temporary (TEST) catalog. To do this, click File->Open Library->New.
  2. Next, on the Projects screen, click on the 3-dot circle and select the option Copy to Library->TEST.
  3. Return to the media library, click on the temporary catalog (TEST) and go to the File->Close Library.
  4. Next, you can go to the Finder and move the TEST catalog to the Trash.

What will we achieve in this way? We can move the project to a new catalog, which can then be easily deleted. So in such a way you remove the unwanted project from your display.

Please note: you should do this carefully not to close or delete the main catalog.

Even if all of the abovementioned tips do not help you, do not despair. Maybe it’s worth contacting Apple support service once again and getting possible solutions from them. Whatever it was, we will hope that soon all the bugs in the program will be eliminated. And you will be able to comfortably use the iMovie 10 for your purposes.