I Can’t See Incoming Calls on My iPhone X!

From time to time, it happens so that an average iPhone X owner stops seeing incoming calls on his or her device. In other cases, this person may notice a significant phone call delay, which is not way better. So, what should one do about it?

Place the Mobile Phone in Recovery Mode and Install It Once More

So, what if the phone still ignores your commands and does not display the incoming calls the way it should? Well, in this case, back the entire data from the target device first. After that, try reinstalling the most recent update with the help of the offered steps.

  1. Check whether the version of iTunes you use is the most recent one.
  2. In case iTunes is on, shut it down. Connect the mobile phone to the Apple computer and launch iTunes. In case there is no Mac around, get one elsewhere or move to an Apple Retail Store/Authorized Service Provider – the tech guys there should help you.
  3. The mobile phone should be connected during the entire operation. As a measure of last resort, force reboot. Do not let go the buttons once the Apple logo shows up. Be patient – the connect to iTunes screen must pop up.
  • Push and immediately free the Volume Up button if you are using an iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus. After that, push and keep holding the Side key. You will have to notice the connect to iTunes screen.
  • Push and hold the Side along with the Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Do not let them go before the connect to iTunes window This method works for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
  • On iPhone 6s and before, iPad, or iPod touch, a different approach works. Push and keep holding the Home and the Side buttons altogether. You need to wait until the iTunes connection window appears as usual.
  1. Once a user notices the Restore or Update alternative, he should end up with the Update feature. Then iTunes will attempt to reinstall It will not delete the user’s information. You should wait until the app downloads the necessary tools for your mobile phone. You should not do anything unless the download does not require more than 15 minutes and the phone quits the connect to iTunes window. If that happens, still wait for the end of the process, and repeat stage three after that.

Once the Update or Restore process is over, set up the device.

P.S. In case a user cannot update or restore the mobile phone in Recovery mode, or some of the necessary buttons are broken, the only solution is to contact Apple Support.

Setting up Your Mobile Device

  1. Switch on the mobile phone. Stick to the on-screen instructions. When prompted, select the preferred language and a region.
  2. Enable the mobile phone. Connect to a Wi-Fi, cellular network, or iTunes to enable and go on setting up the gadget.
  3. Decide on the preferred Wi-Fi network and pick it. In case you set up an iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi and cellular), do not forget to put in the Sim card in the beginning.

If all of your attempts to activate/set up the mobile phone fail, or you continue to experience problems with getting incoming calls, the only option left behind is to contact Apple Support.