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How Can a User Reset iMac back to Factory Settings?

After customizing iMac based on user’s all-time changing preferences and tastes, he/she might want to get back to the factory settings. There might be several reasons to reset iMac to factory settings: You are about to sell your computer. You are about to give away your computer as a gift. You would like to get… read more »

Cannot Install the 10.13.3 Supplemental Update on iMac Pro?

The problem this post covers is the one associated with the macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 supplemental update for Mac. Some users of iMac Pro and some other Apple computers find it impossible to install this update. The primary symptom is having iMac stuck and frozen for a while after restarting it once the installation process… read more »

Why Can’t I Copy Files to Desktop (Error Code – 8058)?

In some cases, users may get a message The operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error occurred when they try to copy files or folders to the Desktop. At the same time, there are no problems with creating new items there. Repairing the Disk Permissions using Disk Utility usually does not help. Why Does… read more »

How to Fix Mac Freezing at Startup?

Unfortunately, any Mac user may encounter a problem when the device does not turn on and stucks on the loading process. It usually looks as follows: the computer starts to load, the Apple logo appears on the screen, but nothing happens afterward – the system does not boot up, and the device does not react… read more »

Is Kernel Panic a Problem for iMac Pro?

A kernel panic is an unpleasant experience for iMac users who encounter it for the first time. It is usually manifested in a black screen, which is not very reassuring, and a message prompting a user to restart their computer. In such cases, the log file contains a long-winded error message detailing the cause of… read more »

How to Force-Eject the Disc from a Mac?

All Mac models released in a classic thick case are equipped with a built-in optical drive for reading optical CDs or DVDs. This drive uses a slot-loading scheme allowing users to save space and increase usability, but in some cases, the lack of a conventional tray for loading discs can play a cruel trick on… read more »

What Can Provoke a Kernel Panic on a New iMac Pro?

A kernel panic is a measure taken by the system when it detects a fatal internal error. If this issue is a rare occasion, it should not alarm users. However, if a crash happens to a recently purchased Mac on a regular basis, one should not turn a blind eye to it. A sudden need… read more »

What is the best iMac Pro configuration for a graphic designer?

Old-school graphic designers often wonder about the most suitable iMac Pro configuration. They try to find a machine to satisfy all their needs by implementing various visual ideas. MacPro owners always used to benefit from the attractive opportunities. Some of them decide to switch to iMac to enjoy the progress in 4K video editing production…. read more »

How to View and Clear Out Hidden Files and Make iMac Faster

Some iMac owners share they possess their computers for five or more years just to find out how slow they can turn out over time. It makes these people wonder if the process exists to see and – if needed – erase the outdated hidden items in order to raise the overall system performance. Apple’s… read more »

What Are the Requirements for Encoding to HEVC Video?

HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2, is a new video compression standard that significantly surpasses the efficiency of its precedent, AVC (the Advanced Video Coding), creating files that are up to 40 percent smaller. It ensures the same video quality while consuming less bandwidth or provides greater quality with… read more »