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FireWire 800 to USB 3.0 Adapter: Any Possible Solutions?

Imagine a situation when you have a mid-2010 iMac with a FireWire 800 along with USB 2.0 ports. As far as the majority of modern external hard drives possess USB 3.0 ports, many users lack FireWire ports. That is why some of them wonder if an adapter that would match FireWire 800 port with a… read more »

How Uninstall Java from Mac?

Do you wish to delete any version of Java from Mac OS X completely? One of the main reasons may be the desire to try the latest version of Java on your Apple computer. Right, experts say that it is difficult for the older and newer versions to coexist. That is why you should know… read more »

How Can You Reset iMac to Factory Settings?

For instance, you are an owner of iMac and try to follow its configuration. Like many other users, it makes sense that you wish to have a lot of things on your new computer: from images to large video files and games. It usually results in a slowdown. One day, you may want to return… read more »

How to Insert a Square Root Symbol?

Many people who work with messages or pages in the mail on Mac wonder whether it is possible to add a squared symbol, and how they can do it. It can be explained by a vivid example. Let’s say, the user wishes to display four (4) squared. In Pages Type the numbers 42. Highlight number… read more »


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