Apple ID

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How to Create an Apple ID without Credit Card Info?

iPhone owners can easily access plenty of apps that constitute the reach software ecosystem of Apple. Having the best apps is the cornerstone of good iPhone user experience. Although there are loads of commercial apps for which a user has to pay upfront or after a download, it is not always reasonable to buy the… read more »

How to Verify Account Information on iOS Device?

No matter whether you have a new iPhone or older iOS device, you may still face a problem with confirming account info. Most often, it is an adverse consequence of upgrade to iOS 6. The result is the inability to buy wanted applications and games. The system will ask to confirm the payment details over… read more »

What Can Be Done if You Cannot Reset Security Questions?

Members of the Apple community are well aware of the fact that the company takes the security of its customers extremely seriously. For this reason, Apple has introduced an additional safety layer to achieve the ultimate protection of user accounts—security questions. The questions can be used to verify an identity of a user either when… read more »

How to Turn Off Two-Step Verification in Apple ID

Apple is known for a robust security system that protects personal data of its customers from intruders. Although it is extremely difficult to gain illegal access to devices operating under iOS, OS X or macOS, it is nowhere close to impossible. To ensure that, Apple ID accounts are less permeable to hacking attempts of maliciously-intended… read more »

How to Prevent & Report Apple ID Scams?

What to do if you suspect your Apple ID has been compromised? Apple users have reported seeing ‘virus’ alerts while surfing the web. Others have reported receiving suspicious phone calls from someone pretending to be ‘Apple support.’ Does your iPhone, Mac, or other Apple gadget have viruses? Should Apple support staff request the account name… read more »

How to Pay in the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store?

How to pay for the music, films, and software purchased in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store? Before you proceed to make a purchase, you should register an Apple ID. Choosing the payment method is necessary when creating an Apple ID. In case you experience a billing issue, or the payment method is… read more »

How to Purchase via Ask to Buy in Family Sharing?

Ask to Buy is a special service allowing to control kids’ spending without restricting their privilege to make choices. Ask to Buy works with Family Sharing, so once a child tries to download something for free or make a purchase, the family organizer sees the purchase request. After that, the family organizer can approve or… read more »

How to Change or Remove the Apple ID Payment Information?

Apple ID is the personal user profile to access the Apple services (Apple Online Store, App Store, iTunes Store). Also, it can be used to authorize with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime. If a payment method or billing address change in the Apple ID, the user information automatically updates in all services. Ensure that the information in… read more »