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Find Out Which Model of MacBook Pro You Are Using

This post will teach how to detect the serial number of personal MacBook Pro as well as some other details on your favorite device. Get to Know a serial and part number along with model identifier You can make a difference despite there are many models of Mac as for today. One of the ways… read more »

How to Find Out the Specific Model of Your MacBook Air?

Learn how to figure out the serial number of your MacBook Air, as well as the other information, which will allow you to name the exact model of this Apple’s laptop. The principle of detecting serial and part number, as well as model identifier, is the same for MacBook and MacBook Pro. Discover model identifier… read more »

How to Define Which Type of MacBook You Are Using

Discover the ways to detect the serial number and other details that can assist in identifying a Mac model. Define the serial number, part number, and model identifier There are numerous models of MacBooks today. The main categorization is Pro, Air, and original MacBook. Do you wonder which device you are using in fact? Perhaps,… read more »

Get the Proper AC Adapter and Cable for Your Apple Notebook

Find out which model of cable, power adapter, and plug is the best to be used with your Apple laptop. Before moving on, it is necessary to recognize that several types of power adapters exist for Mac. The varieties include 6 types, which range from 29 to 87 Watt (with 45, 60, 61, and 85… read more »

What to Do If Your Mac is Lost or Stolen

Have you lost your Mac? Do not let those who will steal or find it access your private information! Mac owners are often wealthy people with solid money stored in numerous bank accounts and credit/debit cards. It makes sense these people are at the risk of being robbed or compromised. They save a lot of… read more »

How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro with an SSD?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro models come equipped with PCIe-based onboard solid-state drives with a minimum capacity of 128GB. Meanwhile, the 15–inch devices ship with 256GB SSDs by default. The great news is all modern Macs are configurable to larger SSD capacity of up to 2TB. In case you are using an older Mac equipped with an… read more »

What is BRCM-LVG under ‘Shared’ Section? Is My Mac Being Hacked?

Sometimes, a personal computer device named as BRCM-LVG shows up in the network in the Finder sidebar under the ‘Shared’ section. Some users start wondering if there are any threats to their devices and whether the device was hacked. Some of them also want to know if there is any relation between this event and… read more »

Is En.SaveFrom.Net Safe for Mac?

Perhaps, many Mac owners looked for some ways to download the videos and other materials directly from such services as YouTube. As you know, it does not have a Download button – just some sharing features. However, what if you have a strong desire to store a music video on your computer? If you look… read more »

How to Safely Defrag a Mac’s Hard Drive

Every Mac owner hates seeing an annoying spinning beach ball on the screen. One thing is to see it on the beach in summer, and another thing is to wait endlessly until the chosen app or file launches. It means nothing else than an overall system slowdown. Luckily, Mac users do not have to defrag… read more »

Built-in Camera on MacBook Pro Doesn’t Work. What to Do?

No matter how great Macs are, there is no guarantee a user will not ever face any failures or problems with the system or additional elements. One of the additional elements that may fail to function properly is a camera. MacBooks have a built-in camera for your needs. Users often use this tool to have… read more »


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