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How to Clean MacBook Pro Screen (and Other Macs’ Screens, too)?

Keeping MacBook Pro clean inside and outside is equally important. As the time passes by, the screen of your favorite Apple computer may get dirty and unpleasant. Those are fingerprints and food leftovers. Well, many people consume their meals in front of their Macs despite the warnings of experts. Some users do the outside cleaning… read more »

Learn How to Remove and Install Memory in MacBook Pro

Today, most MacBook Pro computers arrive with a non-removable memory. Not all users enjoy that feature, and some claim they wish Apple to return this option. It is time to recall the latest line of MacBook Pros with removable RAM memory. Based on their peculiarities, discover the way to remove or install memory in your… read more »

External HDMI Monitor Significantly Slows Down MacBook Pro

Imagine a situation when the external HDMI monitor suddenly slows down your Mac to unbearable speeds. Not many MacBook Pro owners face this problem, and it is not a good indicator. The monitor may show the image properly while the machine turns totally unusable. It means a user cannot watch videos and the computer may… read more »

What to Do If Your Mac Won’t Turn On

Not unlike other computers, Mac can experience a wide range of both software and hardware issues that substantially compromise their usability. Given the susceptibility to certain errors, for the most part reliable and well-built Mac machines, sometimes, won’t turn on. The article details possible approaches to resolving the problem of a Mac that doesn’t turn… read more »

Why Does Mac Turn Sluggish after Switching to macOS 10.13.2?

Apple recommends upgrading each time the new version of its operating system becomes available. By now, millions of Mac owners have updated to macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 to benefit from its new features and functions. Though, many of them got not quite what they expected. The problem users may face is the fact that their… read more »

What Steps to Take to Solve MacBook Pro Waking Up Issue?

Sometimes a MacBook Pro user experience is marred by a system freezing during waking up from the Sleep Mode. The screen remains black, although you can see a mouse pointer on it and the backlight.  It can also happen when a user has already entered his or her credentials on the sign in screen. A… read more »

How to Fix Dual Monitors Not Working in macOS High Sierra?

Extra screen space can make your work more efficient. You don’t have to limit self to just your Mac; instead, you can extend the screen space by connecting one or two additional displays, and enjoy the benefits of multitasking. Setting up an external screen(s) is not a complicated task; you just have to follow step-by-step… read more »

How to Diagnose the Failure of MacBook Pro HDD Cable?

MacBook Pros are innovative and secure machines getting their share of major improvements and updates with a new release every year. The level and quality of their performance have improved significantly, but they still are not perfect and may face certain issues, just like any other devices do. Professionals report that one of the most… read more »

How to Swap SSDs Between MacBooks?

Today many owners of Mac computers, especially of earlier models, are looking for a simple and budget-friendly way to upgrade their machines. If you are one of those users who’d like to improve your Mac’s performance and enlarge its capacity, you should consider installing an SSD (otherwise called a Flash Drive) on it. The process… read more »