Apple TV

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How to Make Apple TV Remote Work Right?

It might happen that your Apple TV remote doesn’t work right. Read on to learn how to fix any remote control related issues. How to Make Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote Work Properly? Siri Remote for Apple TV utilizes Bluetooth technology. To work properly, it has to stay close enough to your Apple TV… read more »

How to Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi?

Apple TV uses Wi-Fi connection to play films, music, and other content. Read on if you experience issues connecting your Apple TV to Wi-Fi network. Try each of the below solutions to fix the problem: Make sure all devices are properly connected and in range The obvious thing to do is check if all devices are… read more »

What Should You Do When Apple TV Doesn’t Work Right?

Apple TV is a digital media player and console with an on-screen interface, which allows listening to music, watching shows and movies on the internet. The latest Apple TV 4K provides users with an extensive HDR and Dolby Vision experience. Make sure the power cable works well In the event Apple TV won’t turn on,… read more »