Apple Watch

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How to Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone?

In specific cases, users might need to unpair Apple Watch and iPhone to erase the former and get it restored to its factory settings. How to Disconnect Apple Watch and iPhone? Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch in range while you’re unpairing them. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app → tap the My… read more »

What to Do If Your Apple Watch is Lost or Stolen?

What to do if you can’t find your Apple Watch? Learn how to use the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to keep your sensitive user information safe. How to Use Find My iPhone? The inbuilt ‘Find My iPhone’ functionality allows locating and protecting your Apple Watch if it has been lost or stolen. If you set up… read more »

How to Switch Apple Watch to a New iPhone?

Bought a new iPhone and want to connect your Apple Watch to it? It is possible to transfer the contents of your Apple Watch to your new smartphone. Perform iOS and watchOS updates The first thing to do is update to the latest iOS version on your old iPhone. Check if you have the latest… read more »

How to Update Your Apple Watch?

It is possible to make Apple Watch software updates using your iPhone. Here are a few preparatory steps to follow before you start: Check if your iPhone has the latest iOS version. Ensure that your Apple Watch has at least 50% of charge or is on charge. See if you have a steady Wi-Fi connection… read more »

Apple Watch Doesn’t Charge or Switch on. What Should I Do?

Do you experience any difficulties with turning on your Apple Watch or charging the gadget? Make an attempt to improve the situation with the help of recommended stages listed and described below. Get rid of the problems with your favorite app! Check whether the Apple Watch gadget is charging at all Every time a user… read more »

Find out how to use your Apple Watch

It is time for an Apple user to learn about one more useful gadget supported by the company. If you are a lucky owner of iPhone, do not lose it using Apple Watch! The article below explores the ways to apply famous Apple Watch application so that it really helps in extraordinary situations like the… read more »

Can’t Remember My Apple Watch Password. What Should I Do?

Discover methods how to delete the password from the Apple Watch. Make Use of iPhone Paired With the Watch If have an iPhone previously paired with your Apple Watch, it is possible to delete the password from the Watch with the help of the Apple Watch application installed on the phone. Once you do so,… read more »

Activation Lock on the Apple Watch from A to Z

Activation Lock is an option every iPhone user can notice in Find My iPhone. It is an extremely important feature that doesn’t allow anybody to access and use the information from your Apple Watch in case a user loses the device or it’s stolen. Make sure your Apple Watch has watchOS 2 or up –… read more »

How to Get Started with Your Apple Watch

Setting up Apple Watch gadget with the help of iPhone. Before you start Keep in mind that to use your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS and Cellular) properly, iPhone 6 or up is required. Using Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is possible with iPhone 5s. That said, you must have the most recent iOS version… read more »