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How to Solve AirPods Overheating and Battery Draining Issues

The jackless iPhone is not the first successful attempt of Apple to get more with less. The company is in the habit of streamlining its devices, thereby simplifying their use and flattening the learning curve. The latest example of Apple’s minimalist approach to design challenges is AirPods. The wireless earbuds and a miniature case is… read more »

What are Possible Solutions to Wi-Fi and Internet Problems on Mac?

Although Macs are exceptionally reliable computers that are well suited for browsing the Web, even they sometimes experience problems when trying to connect to the Internet. Internet connection issues are usually hard to diagnose, especially for less experienced Mac users. This article has been created as a guide for solving the majority of Internet-related issues… read more »

How to Improve Wi-Fi Security for Home and Public Networks?

Wi-Fi security is regularly disregarded by Mac users, which endangers the integrity of their system and opens their personal data to the exploits of hackers and opportunists. Additionally, those who do not take decisive steps towards securing their Wi-Fi connection also make it possible for authorities to access their iMac or MacBook. This guide has… read more »

Advanced AirPods and the Charging Case Capabilities

Learn more details about AirPods: change their name, adjust what happens after you tap an AirPod twice, clean the AirPods and their case, etc. Change the AirPods’ features First, open the charging case of the AirPods. On the iOS device, open Settings, and see the Bluetooth section. In the list of devices, tap  next to… read more »

What Do You Need to Know About Charging Your AirPods?

Use the case of the AirPods for charging them. Thanks to the full and multiple charges it is possible to charge the AirPods anywhere, anytime, even on the go. To get the case charged, you should plug the cable of the Lightning into the connector on the case; the Lightning comes packed with the AirPods…. read more »

What Do You Need to Know About Using AirPods?

To get started Make sure that your Apple device applies to one of the following: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with set/upgraded to iOS 10 and later; Apple Watch with set watchOS 3 and later; Apple TV with set tvOS 11 and later; Mac devices with set/upgraded to MacOS Sierra and later. Setting up AirPods… read more »

What to Do if Your AirPods Are Lost?

It is possible to locate your missing AirPods using ‘Find My iPhone.’ This function will find and indicate your AirPods on a map, play a chime to help you locate them, and revert to wireless listening. How to Find Missing AirPods with Find My iPhone? ‘Find My iPhone’ allows to locate your missing AirPods on… read more »

How to Change PS4 NAT Type with the Help of the Apple AirPort Extreme?

Do you have the AirPort Extreme? Then, one of the questions you may face is which numbers to insert for the following values: Public UDP Ports: Public TCP Ports: Private UDP Ports: Private TCP Ports: Popular Expert’s Opinion Unfortunately, the chances you turn Type 1 NAT (network address translation) into Type 2 are rather low…. read more »

Is There an Airport Utility for Windows 10?

If you try to search for an Airport Utility, it will say you can get one only from the official Apple Store, designed specifically for Apple devices. It is a hint that Windows or Android users cannot use this one. Why Would Anyone Need an Airport Utility? What is an Airport Utility about? Apple computer… read more »