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How to Define HomePod MAC Address?

The lucky owners of new HomePod devices have a lot of questions concerning its functionality, characteristics, and other features. The primary problem which may show up is, of course, being unable to connect the device to the network. Without it, the gadget does not make sense. In most cases, this situation means inability to define… read more »

What to Do When My HomePod Outputs Too Much Bass?

HomePod is a rather useful addition to the iOS devices and Apple computers. However, some newbies simply have no idea how to control the sound settings. In some cases, it leads to different problems like overwhelming bass, which prevents the user from hearing anything else. No matter whether a Mac owner plays at 10-15% volume… read more »

iPhone X Won’t Airplay to HomePod? Solved!

As soon as a lucky user gets his or her HomePod, he/she hurries up to connect it to the target Apple device like iPhone or Mac. HomePod is a popular gadget among the iPhone X owners. However, some of them find out they cannot airplay to HomePod. Check whether the thing works on other devices…. read more »