iBooks is an ebook application for iOS and macOS devices. Learn how to make purchases, download and manage your books from any Apple device.

Access Your Books, PDF and ePub Files via iCloud Drive or iBooks

Just imagine that you are working somewhere in Amsterdam, and suddenly need information from your year report that is kept on your iMac in Berlin. No worries. There is no need to fly back if you work with iBooks and iCloud Drive. These services help users to synchronize ePub, iBooks Author, and PDF files and… read more »

How to Sell Books in iBooks Store via iBooks Author?

Modern society appreciates time so much. Especially, it concerns the business environment. If you dream of becoming world-famous as an author or at least catch fame in your country, there are actions you have to take. Today, it is not necessary to sign contracts with publishing houses. To start with, you can try selling books… read more »

Is It Possible to Read iBooks On PC?

To begin with, let’s find out what iBooks is, what types of books can be read with the help of this program and on which devices. After that, the answer to the original question will be obvious to you. iBooks is the official application developed by the Tim Cook corporation for buying and reading books… read more »