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Why You May Run out of iCloud Storage and How to Deal with It

Every experienced Mac owner realizes that sooner or later his Apple device will run out of space. Most users still want to keep all their personal files in one place. At least, they do not want to miss this information. Saving personal data on a separate USB, memory card, or flash drive might be risky… read more »

What Does “iCloud Locked” Mean and What Can You Do About It?

Some people who purchased a pre-owned iPhone could notice the device telling that iCloud is locked. They start thinking whether it might be a stolen phone then. Though a second-hand iPhone is not necessarily stolen, and the described situation is quite a common problem with iCloud. Luckily, it can be solved in several different ways…. read more »

How to Locate Your Apple Device with ‘Find My iPhone’?

It is possible to discover the approximate geolocation of your Apple device using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on iCloud.com. This applies to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Mac computers. ‘Find My iPhone’ will work under the following conditions: ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is configured on the Apple device you want to locate…. read more »

How to Disable Two-Step Verification to Access Apple TV Faster?

Many Apple TV owners simply hate the two-step verification process. It makes sense that they would like to get rid of that annoying verification code. In most cases, it means an Apple TV is locked so that the user has to change personal Apple ID passcode. There might be two solutions: deactivating the 2-step verification… read more »

How to Get Rid of the Photos on iPhone 5 on iOS 7?

Imagine that your favorite iPhone is running out of space, and everything you can erase are the photo files as you do not store films or games on the device. Having about 1000 images can lead to the significant drop in space. Thus, removing pictures might be a good idea. Before eliminating any files from… read more »

Is There a Way to Select Multiple Images in iCloud?

Do you face the question of how to select numerous pictures in iCloud? Is it possible to choose pics without having to pick every image separately because it takes a while? So, read on to find out whether you can minimize your job. While many users complain of being unable to select many pictures in… read more »

Take Advantage of iCloud Service for Windows PC

Enjoy the benefits of using a safe and unlimited cloud storage, being a user of Windows-running device. Once iCloud is downloaded and set up on your Windows PC, you can access all of your documents, mail, bookmarks or media files (photos, videos, etc.) stored in the cloud from any other device you use. One safe… read more »