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What to Do If iPhoto Doesn’t Work on Sierra?

Due to introducing macOS Sierra in 2016, Apple once again proved that innovations are possible even on a seemingly established market of desktop platforms. The new version of the OS includes the computer automatic unlock function with the help of your Apple Watch. Desktop synchronization on all computers also became available. Many disk and system… read more »

iMessage Conflicting with What to Do?

As you know, iMessage is an Apple service using which you can send text and multimedia messages to other iOS devices via Wi-Fi or the cellular Internet. However, there are some nuances when configuring iMessage. On the other hand, Google Talk is a service allowing you to communicate with colleagues, partners, friends, and relatives using… read more »

Is It Possible to Read iBooks On PC?

To begin with, let’s find out what iBooks is, what types of books can be read with the help of this program and on which devices. After that, the answer to the original question will be obvious to you. iBooks is the official application developed by the Tim Cook corporation for buying and reading books… read more »