Can’t part with your iPad for a moment? Read the MacsPro user guide to make the most of your Apple’s tablet. Learn the best tips for using iPad for fun & business!

How iPad Owners Can Unzip Files

The owners of new iPads often hesitate whether it is possible to unzip files of different archive types on this Apple device. Imagine a situation: you purchased an iPad and opened a mail with a zipped file as an attachment. The device refuses to unzip this archive, and it may drive you mad or at… read more »

How Do I Use Split View in the Safari Browser on My iPad?

Work with two apps at the same time in Split View. Enable landscape mode on your iPad, and use Split View for Safari, for viewing two sites simultaneously. To begin with Check your device to be updated to get the latest version of iOS. Using Split View is available on iPad (fifth generation), iPad Pro,… read more »

What do I Need to Know About Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro?

Make notes, doodle, create your unique designs and more with Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro. Learn to use, charge, pair, and change the tip of the Apple Pencil. What is inside the box? Apple Pencil A Lightning Adapter An extra tip Learn to pair Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro To get started, you… read more »

How to Make the Most out of Your iPad with Multitasking?

Use two apps simultaneously with Multitasking – a feature on iPad with iOS 11. Write e-mails while watching videos, switch between apps with gestures, etc. Switch between apps with gestures Multitasking makes it possible to use gestures on an iPad, to instantly launch the application switcher. Easily switch back and forth between apps, or go… read more »

Forgot My ‘Restrictions’ Password. What Can Be Done?

The Restriction feature on iOS devices (some also call it Parental Control) provides the ability to restrict iPhone/iPad users access to certain functions or applications on the device. Enabling this feature is not difficult. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions. Before you activate the function, you will need to enter a special password. What… read more »

What If It Says “iPad Is Disabled – Connect To iTunes”?

Today’s fast-moving world made the technologies an inseparable part of our lives. And rather often we and our work greatly depend on them. That’s why when iDevices get blocked (due to a child playing on it or just accidentally pressing the wrong buttons), this might be a serious problem. However, there is an exit to… read more »

Where Does Email Go When You Archive It in Your Inbox?

In today’s busy world e-mail is without exaggeration one of the most popular and convenient means of communication. However, electronic mailboxes are very quickly filled up with various necessary and unnecessary letters. By archiving important emails, you will free up space on the hard drive of your computer or email server. Today, the majority of… read more »

What to Do if iPad Is Stuck on Apple Logo Screen

Even the most popular and seemingly flawless tablets in the world are prone to failure. It is worthwhile to understand that the iPad is also a computer. This makes its “diseases” exact copies of the ailments of its older “brothers.” More often iPad users report that their devices are literally frozen “on an apple.” Everyone… read more »

How Can I Transfer Windows PC Videos to iPad?

It is not a secret for anybody that iPad is one of the most requisite devices on the nowadays electronic market. And it’s not surprising since iPad allows you to do everything you want from working or browsing the Internet to playing games. At the same time, no one will also deny the importance of… read more »

How to Bypass the Previous Owner’s Password on iPad?

Nowadays, every person wants the information to be private and secure. For this, each of us owns personal letterbox with a code or key unknown to the neighbor. Or personal e-mail address with a secret passcode. Or even steel vaults to save money, securities or any other «skeletons in the closet». However, technologies are moving… read more »