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I Can’t See Incoming Calls on My iPhone X!

From time to time, it happens so that an average iPhone X owner stops seeing incoming calls on his or her device. In other cases, this person may notice a significant phone call delay, which is not way better. So, what should one do about it? Place the Mobile Phone in Recovery Mode and Install… read more »

How to Make a Genius Bar Appointment? Here Is How It Works Now

Earlier, it was much easier to get support from Apple Company regarding any question. These days, the process has completely changed. Some people complain about being unable to make a genius bar appointment. If you belong to the category of people who cannot figure it out, this post is for you. What Are Some of… read more »

How to Make iOS Devices Display Holidays You Celebrate in Calendar?

People are used to the fact their favorite iOS devices usually display the entire list of upcoming holidays. However, some of the well-known dates disappear from iPhone calendars all of a sudden. It may ruin user’s plans unless he or she knows how to deal with it. For instance, one of the users recently reported… read more »

How to Switch from Android to iOS and not to Lose Any Data?

Going to change your device or have already bought iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? With the ‘Move to iOS’ app (available on Google Play), you can transfer all the necessary information from your old Android device to the new iOS one. OS requirements You can perform the switch from Android 4.0 and later to the… read more »

How to Fix Unresponsive iPhone with Recovery Mode?

If your iPhone is unresponsive and all you can see is the Connect to iTunes screen, the problem can be relatively easily solved by putting the device into recovery mode. It has to be borne in mind, however, that this troubleshooting step removes all data from the iPhone. Therefore, use it only when other options… read more »

How to Make Use of the Face ID Feature on iPhone X

Here are a few simple step-by-step instructions on how to use all the possibilities on new iPhone function to the full extent: unlock the device, make purchases and so on. Enable Face ID on an iPhone X Installing face identification is a pretty simple process. Right before doing it, ensure that nothing covers the True… read more »

How to update the software version on your iOS device?

If you got the notification of the available software update, you are free to update the iOS device wirelessly. Otherwise, use iTunes to perform the update manually. Before you perform the software update We recommend you to back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes or iCloud. Update the iOS device wirelessly Once… read more »

How to Make Calls without Cellular Connection?

The only place with the decent mobile signal in your apartment is next to the window on the second floor, or you can’t get in touch with your friends from the parking lot in the shopping center? Not anymore! The Wi-Fi calling feature enables customers to make calls in places with bad reception or no… read more »

How to Disable Voice Control on your iOS device?

Users of the devices operated by iOS 10.2+ can turn off Siri or Voice Control so that it won’t respond after you press the Home button and hold it. Here are a few instructions on how to do that: Find Settings app on the device, go to General, then Accessibility and tap on Home Button…. read more »


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