Love carrying your favorite music and video around in your pocket? Enjoy your Apple iPod to the max with 100% time- and user-proven MacsPro advice!

Find Out Your iPod Model

How to define your iPod model by the model number and some other features? Here are some of the existing iPod models to keep in mind: iPod Touch; iPod Nano; iPod Shuffle; iPod Mini; iPod; If you wonder what the difference is, have a look at the brief descriptions of some models below. They will… read more »

How Many Audio Tracks Can a 16 GB Nano Hold?

Any music lover dreams of the device capable of saving as many songs as possible. While for some people it is enough to keep all their audio files on 8 GB or even 4 GB devices, others find 16 GB insufficient for all their favorite tunes! Most of the users ask how many songs a… read more »

My iPod Touch 5th Generation Won’t Switch On: Why and What to Do

Even advanced Apple users may face some obstacles on their way to perfect user-experience. For instance, iPod Touch 5th Generation may simply stop turning on. It looks like there is no reason for such behavior, but still, it does not charge, iTunes does not recognize it, and iPod owner is going mad. It is not… read more »

How to Transfer Tracks from iPod to iTunes Library

Many iPod owners have their favorite songs obtained from a library on a various computer under another iTunes account. Imagine a situation when you decide to transfer all the audio tracks from iPod to your library so that you can view it all in a single location. Perhaps, you will need this mini guide to… read more »

How to Reset iPod Touch 5th Generation? Can iTunes Help?

Some Apple users hesitate about the ways they can reset their iPods Touch 5th Generation with the help of iTunes app? Is it possible at all? Pretend a situation when you possess a worded password on your iPod Touch. All of a sudden, you made a tiny mistake while entering the password. That is why… read more »

How Many Audio Tracks a 2GB iPod Shuffle Can Hold?

Music lovers always wonder if it is possible to have all their favorite songs and new audio tracks saved on a single Apple device. No matter how much memory your device possess, sometimes it is not enough to save all your media files on it. That is when the need to buy extra drives, flash… read more »