So you think you know all about iTunes? Think again. MacsPro knowledge base provides you with the less-known tips & tricks to enjoy iTunes on your Apple device!

iTunes Cannot Recognize an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. What to Do?

From time to time, we connect our iOS devices to a computer to transfer the purchased applications, copy a movie, create a backup, etc. However, sometimes that the iTunes app simply doesn’t see the connected iPhone, iPod or iPad. What to do in such a situation? If the app doesn’t recognize your device connected with… read more »

What Does ‘’ Unknown Payment Mean?

Seeing ‘’ or any unknown payment on your card statement may be confusing. ‘’ may appear for several reasons: A group of multiple purchases can become a single transaction. This is why the sum charged to a user’s credit or debit card may seem unfamiliar. Users fail to get individual email receipts for every purchase…. read more »

Updating iTunes application: Ultimate Guide

Keeping your macOS and all of your software updated is essential for the smooth and flawless work of your Apple device. You should perform the needed updates regularly to avoid glitches and slowdowns in the work of your Mac. Open the App Store application on your Mac to check for any pending updates for your… read more »

How to Fix a USB Driver Error for Apple Handheld Devices?

Users of handheld Apple devices sync them with both Windows PC or Mac computers. They may experience a connectivity problem caused by a missing USB driver error after the latest Windows 10 and iPhone upgrades. Solution for Mac To access the System Information/System Report, press the Alt (Option) key and press the Apple menu. The… read more »