So you think you know all about iTunes? Think again. MacsPro knowledge base provides you with the less-known tips & tricks to enjoy iTunes on your Apple device!

How to Send iTunes Gifts via Email

In the era of smart technology, gifting is so simple. After all, any application or another item in the App Store, iTunes Store or iBooks Store can be donated to a person you love. You can buy any app through the online payment method in your Apple ID file. Moreover, you can send someone as… read more »

How to manage specific content on the Apple device via iTunes?

In the following instructions, we are going to provide several tips on how to synchronize music and videos to your Apple device and manage those using iTunes. Note! Unfortunately, if iCloud Music Library is enabled on the device, it is not possible to add or remove music manually. Nevertheless, you are still able to manage… read more »

How to Get Help with Items Purchased in iTunes?

In case of any purchase-related issues, go to to see the complete list of your purchases, receipts, and report a problem with a purchased item. For this, you need to sign in using your Apple ID and password when you open the page. How to Find a Purchase? If you need to locate a… read more »

How to Identify Legitimate Emails from the iTunes Store?

Apple users may receive emails from different services, including the iTunes Store. Facing a scam, however, is not a rare thing. Is there a way to tell if the email you’ve received is a legitimate one? Absolutely! Note: the iTunes Store or other Apple services will never request any personal or sensitive account information like… read more »

How to Figure Out Billing Issues in the iTunes Store?

Has your primary payment method been declined? Do you have a billing issue with purchases in the iTunes Store? For starters, update your billing information to pay the arrears. If you have a balance unpaid from the previous purchase, you will see an alert asking to edit the billing information. It is possible to change… read more »

How to Log in to iTunes Store on Apple Devices

The iTunes Store unveils the infinite storage of musical novelties, interesting films, and entertaining TV shows for you and your family. To get access to all of this you need only to have Apple ID and sign in to iTunes with it. What is Apple ID? This is an authentication system that is used in… read more »

iTunes Cannot Recognize an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. What to Do?

From time to time, we connect our iOS devices to a computer to transfer the purchased applications, copy a movie, create a backup, etc. However, sometimes that the iTunes app simply doesn’t see the connected iPhone, iPod or iPad. What to do in such a situation? If the app doesn’t recognize your device connected with… read more »

What Does ‘’ Unknown Payment Mean?

Seeing ‘’ or any unknown payment on your card statement may be confusing. ‘’ may appear for several reasons: A group of multiple purchases can become a single transaction. This is why the sum charged to a user’s credit or debit card may seem unfamiliar. Users fail to get individual email receipts for every purchase…. read more »

Updating iTunes application: Ultimate Guide

Keeping your macOS and all of your software updated is essential for the smooth and flawless work of your Apple device. You should perform the needed updates regularly to avoid glitches and slowdowns in the work of your Mac. Open the App Store application on your Mac to check for any pending updates for your… read more »


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