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Set Up and Fine-tune Text Replacement and Auto-correction in the iWork Apps

Learn how the auto-correction in Numbers, Pages, and Keynote can customize in-app spelling, desktop publishing, and stand-in text on any of your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The auto-correction will help you modify how the iWork apps manage spelling and formatting. For Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, these options are available: Disclosing lists; Catching links;… read more »

How to Collaborate in the iWork Apps?

It is so easy to do teamwork on the one common document, while everyone is sitting in the cozy home kitchen. Learn how to invite others to your file using iWork applications on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and iCloud.com. iWork collaboration is compatible with the following gadgets: A Mac with macOS Sierra and… read more »

How to Work with Shapes in the iWork Apps

Did you know that ordinary text documents, tables, and presentations can be varied with the help of shapes? Learn how to create your graphics figure quickly and easily without additional apps and use them in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote. In the library, you can find both ready-made forms, and create original ones through the iWork… read more »

How to Add a Mathematical Formula to the Pages Document?

Sometimes, our work demands to make one or another calculation, and the presentation is needed to be proved with a mathematical equation. This process is not as complex as it might seem at first glance. After all, mathematical formulas and equations can easily be included in a Pages document using LaTeX commands or MathML elements…. read more »

How to Edit Spreadsheets in Numbers?

Numbers is a part of iWork productivity pack used to process spreadsheets, create charts, tables, and much more. iWork allows sharing documents across different Apple devices and even on a Windows PC via iCloud. The Numbers app offers unlimited data organization possibilities with a blank canvas instead of a grid. Any person editing the Numbers… read more »

How to Copy Cell Content Without Formulas?

Being a part of Apple’s iWork productivity pack, the Numbers app can help you create and edit spreadsheets, diagrams, charts, and much more. Users of iWork can share the documents across Apple devices and Windows personal computers using the iCloud service. Any user with access to the Numbers spreadsheet can edit, resize, and apply different… read more »

How to Use Duplex Printing in Pages?

Apple Pages is a word processor being a part of iWork suite for document creation and printing purposes. The app allows making fast print-outs with minimum user involvement. However, duplex printing in Pages has been reported by many users as problematic. When printing a double-sided brochure in Pages, the second page would always be upside… read more »

How to Use macOS Keyboard Viewer & Special Characters Palette?

Online communication is impossible without using emojis and special symbols. The same goes for writing, which often requires special characters to make a point. Are you looking for a way to insert a copyright symbol into the text or watermark a photo? macOS has the Character Viewer feature to make using special characters, emojis, and… read more »


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