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How Can Users Deal with Mac Adware Cleaner Pop-ups?

While searching for something in Google or any other browser many users face the problem of a window, popping up and recommending them to install or download adware cleaner. The main purpose of such an advertisement may be the protection from malware or security threats. In order to clear out whether you deal with a… read more »

Is There an Alternative to Notepad for macOS Devices?

Windows users are closely familiar with Notepad app. Over the years of use, many have grown to rely on the app, which is really simple and user-friendly. The latter is especially prominent since the text editor allows creating and editing code blocks with ease. For these reasons, the newcomers to macOS are looking for Notepad… read more »

How to Get Rid of Advanced Mac Cleaner Ads on a Mac?

Having a Mac Adware Cleaner ad on your Mac can mean only one thing: Mac Adware Cleaner is already installed and active on your Apple computer. On its official website, it is advertised as a tool that can help users to protect their devices from malicious software and, above all, remove the unnecessary data. Sounds… read more »

Do I Need to Use an App Like Dr. Cleaner or Any Other?

When it comes for a newbie to work with Mac, especially, if previously he/she worked with the Windows system, lots of questions arise. And probably, one of the most controversial among them all is whether to use any cleaning applications on Apple computers or not? For example, great lots of lances were broken between the… read more »

What OnyX Alternatives to Choose for Mac Cleaning?

Usually, with Mac OS X, you will not run into many problems. However, after some period of constant use, it is possible for Mac to slow down and to make your work on it ‘unpleasant’. When such happens, you are not to panic. Remember, that the best you can do now to help your computer… read more »

How to Get Rid of Pop-up?

Some Mac users report an annoying issue that considerably deteriorates their browsing experience— popup. The occurrence of the message is associated with browsing eBay; however, it can also appear on other websites. Given that the randomly popping up message concerning the invalidity of a website certificate prevents Mac owners from navigating the Web without interruptions,… read more »

How to Recognize Bogus Adobe Flash Player Updates?

Virtually every Mac user is familiar with recurring Adobe Flash Player update notifications that show up every time the Web is browsed. Given that the flash player is one of the most commonly used web plug-ins, there is no surprise that hackers try to disguise their malware as the benign app. For this reason, it… read more »

Deal with Microsoft Office Compatibility Issues on High Sierra

Software compatibility is a central point of concern for all Mac users prior to and after every major macOS upgrade. Whenever members of the Apple family want to clad their Macs in new digital garbs, it is always a good idea to consider whether apps they are using would run on the new OS. The… read more »

How (Not) to Install Adware on Mac?

Many detestable adware creators use deceitful tactics to lure unsuspecting Mac users into installing harmful browser modifications that make casual browsing completely impossible. This user guide has been created to help Mac owners avoid the hidden threat of adware lurking in virtually every corner of the Web. After reading the article, the members of Apple… read more »

How to Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner from Mac?

Unfortunately, not all applications that seem decent and can be downloaded from the web are really reliable and useful. Advanced Mac Cleaner is a vivid example of such deceptive application. Generally, it is the optimization tool designed for Mac computers. It claims to clean the computer and fix any system errors to make it run… read more »


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