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How to Fix Acrobat Reader That Won’t Start on Mac

Apple computer owners often discover various issues when it comes to upgrading their devices to the recent version of macOS High Sierra. While some of them do not find it possible at all, others experience less significant issues. Such consequences may involve the inability to launch Acrobat Reader after the update. To check if you… read more »

Avast Free Mac Security is Not Working! How to Delete it?

Let’s say; you are the owner of MacBook Pro with OS X of the outdated version. For a couple of years so far, you did not find it possible to upgrade the system to the latest releases. The situation is even more complicated if you do not live close to the Apple Support Center (some… read more »

How Can I Be Sure That MacKeeper Isn’t a Scam?

Many new apps developed for Macs may look quite suspicious to users who doubt the authenticity and thus, the reliability of this software for their devices. To find out if MacKeeper belongs to the applications, suitable for the Mac, read the information below. Was MacKeeper Really Developed for Apple? The very first thing every user… read more »

How to install Internet Explorer on a Mac?

Apple’s Mac devices operated by OS X continue to occupy a large share of the computer market. Although switch-over from Windows to Mac devices is quite simple, there are still some applications that a person working on a Mac device for the first time would like to have at hand. One of such application is… read more »

Why Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection with Facebook?

Safari is a native macOS browser, which is only compatible with Apple devices. Once a Mac owner becomes accustomed to using Safari, it often becomes their second nature. Compared to the majority of browsers, it is easy to use. Given that Safari syncs between Apple devices, its users can quickly switch from browsing a page… read more »

How to use AdwareMedic on your Mac safely?

To begin with, OS X is designed so that each running process is isolated from the other, thus, they do not affect each other. High security of the system can be violated only by the user himself who grants administrator access rights when installing various applications. That’s how various malicious software penetrate the system. Apparently… read more »

How Can Users Deal with Mac Adware Cleaner Pop-ups?

While searching for something in Google or any other browser many users face the problem of a window, popping up and recommending them to install or download adware cleaner. The main purpose of such an advertisement may be the protection from malware or security threats. In order to clear out whether you deal with a… read more »

Is There an Alternative to Notepad for macOS Devices?

Windows users are closely familiar with Notepad app. Over the years of use, many have grown to rely on the app, which is really simple and user-friendly. The latter is especially prominent since the text editor allows creating and editing code blocks with ease. For these reasons, the newcomers to macOS are looking for Notepad… read more »

How to Get Rid of Advanced Mac Cleaner Ads on a Mac?

Having a Mac Adware Cleaner ad on your Mac can mean only one thing: Mac Adware Cleaner is already installed and active on your Apple computer. On its official website, it is advertised as a tool that can help users to protect their devices from malicious software and, above all, remove the unnecessary data. Sounds… read more »

Do I Need to Use an App Like Dr. Cleaner or Any Other?

When it comes for a newbie to work with Mac, especially, if previously he/she worked with the Windows system, lots of questions arise. And probably, one of the most controversial among them all is whether to use any cleaning applications on Apple computers or not? For example, great lots of lances were broken between the… read more »