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App Store is the primary source of apps & services for your Mac. Maximize your App Store experience with expert tips & hacks from MacsPro community.

How to Hide and Unhide Apps on Apple Devices

Whenever you need to hide an app in the App Store to prevent it from being redownloaded on iOS or macOS devices, you can do that via iTunes. And if necessary, all hidden applications are fairly easy to bring back into place. Once you hide an application on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it… read more »

How to Use QuickTime Player on a Mac: The Mini-Guide

Many users ask how to apply QuickTime Player as it could be used to play/record/fix/share videos and music on the Apple computer. Play You may notice several playback controls in QuickTime Player. Each of them can be used to pause, rewind, skip, make the sound louder, etc. To see the playback controls, simply move the… read more »

How Do I Block Pop-ups in Safari?

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of the irritating pop-ups on any of the iOS devices (from iPhone to iPad) or Apple computer? Then, find the answers below. What is a pop-up? Well, a pop-up is any advertisement, offer, and other annoying notifications user experiences when using his preferred browser or some tabs…. read more »

Is There Any Snipping Tool in Mac?

When it comes to cutting-and-pasting something on your Mac, you may wonder if some snipping tools exist like in Windows. A print screen option is a comfortable way to store valuable information or providing a photo proof of, for instance, payment. It prevents the need to type everything manually. So, is any snipping instrument available… read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Install MacKeeper?

“Is MacKeeper a malware? Should I install MacKeeper?” are the two common questions asked on the Apple support community. Most Mac users are confused about using the third-party software claimed to be potentially dangerous to their computer. The annoying MacKeeper browser pop-ups make users question the necessity of installing the app. The application seems to… read more »

Should You Install CleanMyMac 3?

CleanMyMac 3 is advertised as a useful application for Mac maintenance and optimization. It offers users a plethora of impressive features like one-click cleaning, applications uninstallation, junk removal, etc. Since most of these features do not ship with macOS Sierra / High Sierra by default, many Mac owners choose third-party apps as a universal remedy…. read more »


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