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High Sierra iMessage: An Error Showed up during Activation

Almost every Mac owner would like to switch to macOS High Sierra as it is the latest version of operating system released by Apple. However, pitfalls exist everywhere. One of the most common issues is the presence of a bug during the installation and activation process. That High Sierra iMessage bothers plenty of MacBook Air… read more »

How to Change Folder Icons in macOS High Sierra?

In the last versions of macOS, users could easily change the names of the folder icons. However, after upgrading to macOS High Sierra, some complain that it is impossible to do that any longer. At least, it is not that simple, and a Mac owner may meet certain obstacles along the way. Good Old Way… read more »

What to Do If Copy-Paste Function Fails on Mac?

From time to time, Mac owners discover some problems with the copy-paste functionality. It is one of the most famous and frequently used functions on both Windows and Macs, and many people, especially writers, find it a real problem when the feature does not work. Let’s say, the copy-paste option refuses to work the way… read more »

How to Normalize TimeMachine After Upgrade to macOS 10.13.3?

Here is one more possible consequence of updating to macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. Some Mac owners have mentioned they are no longer able to define and access their Time Machine backups. It is a catastrophe as many users have all their information stored there, and they risk never accessing it again. It is impossible to… read more »

How to Fix Spotlight Search in High Sierra?

Those who use a Mac every day know that files keep steadily accumulating on the device’s drive to the point at which it becomes extremely difficult to find a specific photo or an audio track. Being one of the most forward-looking tech companies on the market, Apple has devised a way to find virtually anything… read more »

What Do System Error Messages Mean?

It is true that Macs are extremely reliable machines that rarely fail to live up to even the most stringent expectations of their users. However, on rare occasions, even a new and shiny Mac can stumble and surprise its owner with a cryptic error message. Although system errors are extremely scarce occurrences, Apple users should… read more »