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Mac Freezes at Full Progress Bar on Startup

Some Mac owners report the following problem: each time they try to switch on their computers, the progress bar crashes at 100%. The device simply refuses to turn on. It is impossible to access anything stored on an Apple computer then. Even after re-installing the operating system, performing SMC reset and disk repair, the issue… read more »

How to Fix Mac Random Shutdowns in High Sierra?

Nowadays, some Mac users are facing the problem of random High Sierra shutdown issue. It not just distracts people from their daily routine, but in general, demonstrates system incapacity to work properly. Here, we give you a scope of solutions how to solve the problem on your own without waiting for further updates. Hope, they… read more »

What to Do If MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Causes Finder Crash

And how does macOS High Sierra work on your computer? On some Macs, the system performs well, but there are also those users who have different issues exactly with this release of the MacOS. Users who updated their machines to macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 quite often report a huge number of errors: issues with installing… read more »

What to Do If macOS High Sierra Freezes and Stops?

Some Apple computer owners complaint that after the installation of the latest macOS High Sierra the system sometimes slows down and doesn’t work smoothly. Under such circumstances, scolding the Apple company is not the most useful thing to do, so we have prepared the real solutions to the problem. It is also worth noting that… read more »

How to solve Application Memory issue on MacOS High Sierra?

macOS High Sierra, the latest version of Mac operating system, was released in September 2017. Along with its new features and patches, new macOS has brought several issues and vulnerabilities. Some Mac users complain about the problem with system application memory. So, if you updated your device to High Sierra and instead of working fast… read more »

What Power Nap Can Do on Your Mac?

It may be favorable to sleep not only for people but also for computers. For example, the Power Nap application helps Mac perform useful actions even in the sleep mode. How Power Nap works If your Mac computer supports the Power Nap feature, then in sleep mode it can: Receive new messages via e-mail; Synchronize… read more »

How to Back Up and Recover a Mac through Time Machine?

First of all, let’s figure out what Time Machine is. This is a built-in Mac computer system for backup, which requires external information storage. It can be an external hard drive linked to the USB port, FireWire or Thunderbolt; macOS Server or a Time Capsule on the network; or an external hard drive connected to… read more »

What to Do If the Backup or Restoring Data with Time Machine Fails?

Time Machine – the system is quite reliable and fast. However, sometimes, it happens that Mac users cannot create a backup, or the computer cannot select a disk to save information. To understand the reason for the failure, firstly, it should be known that Time Machine requires an external storage device that is sold separately…. read more »

How to Enter Settings for a Proxy Server Correctly?

In case your Mac connects to the local network which is protected by a firewall from accessing the Internet, you should either get the proxy servers specified or use the passive mode of FTP (PASV), to have access to some websites. A proxy server is a term for a computer on your local network which… read more »

What Do Mac Users Need to Know about Content Caching?

Get to know the most important issues about caching of content on your Mac with macOS High Sierra. What is content caching, how does it work? Follow the best tips. What is content caching? Content Caching is a service available in macOS with the help of which you can reduce the usage of online data… read more »


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