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Where to Learn about a Built-in Camera on a Mac?

Although this issue may seem too easy to pay attention to, there is more to this than meets the eye. Paper booklets are often lost, and it does not take a second to find necessary information on There are user manuals for different Macs there; however, most of them contain only basic information, so… read more »

What to Do If a Mac’s SD Card Slot Does Not Work?

There can be problems with SD card slots not working properly. Users cannot get access to files stored on their SD cards, although the latter seem to be undamaged. If reinserting a card and restarting a computer does not help, you should start with determining the cause of this issue. It is not necessarily related… read more »

How to Make a Flash Drive Appear in Finder?

Flash drives contain different sorts of information that users need on a daily basis, so it may be pretty uncomfortable to get these important things lost. Here we prepared a list of tips, which will help you out in case something wrong happened to your flash drive. Examine the Screen More Carefully and Check if… read more »

How to Make Comcast Account Work Again?

Sometimes users complain about their Comcast accounts: they cannot log in due to problems with Safari. Although they can visit the website and scroll the webpage, all the other options are not available for them. Do not panic if such a situation occurred to you either. Just use the provided advice and fix everything easily…. read more »

What to Do if Keychain Access Asks for Password without Any Reason?

To begin with, Keychain is a Mac OS X feature that stores passwords from various applications and other services that are used on the computer. Normally, when a newly installed program first accesses the Keychain, a dialog box appears asking you to enter a password, and, after entering it, it should not reappear. However, it… read more »

What to Do about the ‘Startup Disk Is Almost Full’ Issue?

To function efficiently the system needs free space to remain on the hard drive, and the more, the better. After some time the disk fills up with data and Mac begins to send alerts.  Obviously, you need to clear up your disk to get rid of them. Ignoring it may cause serious problems: open documents… read more »

Is It Necessary for Mac Users to Install an Adobe’s PPAPI Flash Plug-in?

What Is the Difference Between NPAPI and PPAPI Flash Plug-ins? Adobe Flash Player is a browser plug-in used for displaying and streaming multimedia content and running complex web applications. Depending on a browser, either an NPAPI or PPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player is required. What is the difference between them? NPAPI is a plug-in… read more »

How to Check if a Mac Has a Virus Without Any Software?

Regular virus scans can help to protect Mac users from losing their personal data and exposing their computers to serious damage. Those individuals who surf the wide-open expanses of the Web without introducing an additional layer of security— in the form of an antivirus—into their system are exposed to the threat of malware infiltration. Countless… read more »

How to Reinstall macOS if a Preboot Volume Cannot Be Created

The latest versions of macOS are extremely reliable and efficient, which are the main prerequisites for their widespread adoption. Nonetheless, sometimes it might be necessary to reinstall a macOS as a means of troubleshooting some fundamental performance issues or simply preparing a Mac for resale. In such cases, the reinstallation can be performed from a… read more »

What to Do About a Mac that Keeps Showing Blue Screen during Startup?

Macs may freeze and annoy users with a blue screen when starting up, and reboot may be just a temporary solution. In this case, it is difficult to determine cause-and-effect relationships, because there are several reasons for that. However, the first thing to do is to find out whether this issue is hardware or software… read more »


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