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How to Use Aperture 3.3 for Merging Libraries in iPhoto?

Aperture3.3 (and its later versions), as well as iPhoto 9.3 (and later versions), use libraries in the new format. This way you can open Aperture and iPhoto libraries while using any of the two applications. Besides, the “unified’ format of libraries allows merging together all of your iPhoto and Aperture libraries, to let you create… read more »

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Logic Pro X

Learn all you need to know about the Apple’s app Logic Pro X. Look through the users’ frequently asked questions. Get helpful information following the links. Where do I purchase the Logic Pro X app? You can check Mac App Store, to buy and download the app Logic Pro X. What system requirements are there… read more »

What Do I Need to Learn about Final Cut Pro X?

Final Cut Pro X is an innovative application which lets Apple users create, edit and produce a video of the ultimate quality. Final Cut Pro X provides you with the high-end tools for the digital editing process, as well as with the native support working practically for any formats of video. The features of the… read more »

What Is the Best Way to Resolve a Final Cut X Pro Issue?

Sometimes using Final Cut Pro X may go not as smoothly as you’ve planned, and you may face certain lags and other issues. To fix the problems fast and effectively, use our detailed pro recommendations for Final Cut Pro X troubleshooting. Follow the tips in the exact order they are listed below until the issue… read more »

How To Add and Edit an MP4 File in Final Cut Pro?

After importing an MP4 file into Final Cut Pro, it is sometimes still not possible to add it to the timelines and continue the work. It happens so that an average Mac user may notice an error notification that tells: “Error: Out of memory.” Some users believe conversion is the only way out, but it… read more »

What to Do When You Cannot Launch File from Dropbox

Many Mac owners opt to keep some of their personal data files on services like iCloud or Dropbox to reclaim more disk space. However, saving some file formats in Dropbox may be followed by certain issues. For example, a quite frequent occasion is being unable to open the file from Dropbox. Once you try,… read more »