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Learn how to install, troubleshoot & update Windows apps on Apple computers or how to use Apple services on Windows PC. Only working tips from MacsPro community.

How to Use Microsoft Access on a Mac?

From time to time, Apple computer owners may wonder whether it is possible to use the features of Microsoft Access on Mac. Some of the functions may be really helpful no matter how you feel about Microsoft or Windows in particular. Most of the experts insist on a fact it is impossible to get Microsoft… read more »

How Can a User Alter the Location for Backup Copies in iTunes on PC?

PC users are constantly complaining about the problems with storing backup copies of the files they download from iTunes. In most cases, the place where the information is saved automatically is disk C. In order to change the settings and remove iTunes files to the needed place on your computer, use the following advice. The… read more »

How Can One Download iTunes for Windows XP?

Many PC owners know that the best approach to managing their media library is to install the latest version of iTunes. Even though the app has been designed for Apple devices, it works just fine on computers and notebooks operating under Windows. There’s nothing tricky about installing iTunes on the OS created by Microsoft; however,… read more »

How to Deal with the “Disk Cannot Be Partitioned” Error?

Apple’s transition to Intel processors has made it possible to install Windows on Macs thereby benefiting from having two OSs on the same computer. The allure of switching to Windows is reinforced by the ease with which it can be done. In fact, the majority of Macs supports the latest Microsoft OS — Windows 10…. read more »

Set up Windows 10 on Mac Using Boot Camp

Did you know that it is possible to install and start using Windows 10 on any Mac with the help of Boot Camp? If your Apple computer is running OS X Yosemite or up, find out how you can get Windows as the second operating system. Mind System Requirements To begin with, you will not… read more »

How to Use Apple Keyboard in Windows with Boot Camp

It is possible to apply Apple keyboard or the one created for Windows with your Mac. Did you know that? Certain keys may work in a different way on Mac OS X and Windows. How to map Windows keys to Apple keyboards? Most of the keys you would notice on a personal computer possess analogies… read more »

How to Set Up Microsoft Windows on Apple Computer with Boot Camp

Have you ever heard about a utility called Boot Camp? This one makes it possible to enjoy several operating systems on Mac. If you need Windows, use Boot Camp. That’s true: once a user installs Windows operating system on his Mac, he will be able to use both operating systems. Just specify which one you… read more »

How to Deal with iTunes Issues on Windows

Discover what to do in case iTunes for Windows 7 or up does not work. What if it simply does not react to anything or quit without any good reason? In case you are having some problems with iTunes running on Windows (failure to respond, unexpected quits, or else), use the following tips to solve… read more »


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