How to Change PS4 NAT Type with the Help of the Apple AirPort Extreme?

Do you have the AirPort Extreme? Then, one of the questions you may face is which numbers to insert for the following values:

  • Public UDP Ports:
  • Public TCP Ports:
  • Private UDP Ports:
  • Private TCP Ports:

Popular Expert’s Opinion

Unfortunately, the chances you turn Type 1 NAT (network address translation) into Type 2 are rather low. Cover the problem step-by-step.

While playing online, a user may discover that he or she is frequently disconnected from the Internet gaming conference on the PS4. The ping can either go unreasonably high. Possible solution to the existing problem is to alternate the NAT type. That is why so many users consider this option. After doing so, a player will see an impressive improvement in the online gaming.

NAT Type 1 (Open): A person is either NOT behind a router or has activated DMZ before.

NAT Type 2 (Moderate) – PS4 is connected correctly, so no problems occur.

NAT Type 3 (Strict) – A user can connect to the PSN and present downloads or updates other features may work in a wrong manner.

How to Check Personal NAT Type?

Do not hurry to find out how to switch the NAT type – discover your current type by doing the offered:

  1. Go to Settings. Choose Network Settings and Internet Connection Test. There will be no PSN connection during the examination. The user will have to learn the MAC address from the system data section.
  2. Choose Settings and Network next. Move to the Internet Connection Status. There you will find a NAT type at the bottom.

Changing the NAT Type

Discover how to connect to your router. In most cases, the address will appear exactly this way: 168.1.1, or Enter the proper code in the browser. Insert admin’s details such as login and passcode to get into the router. Find the details in the router’s native manual.

2. Activate UPnP feature on the router. Two methods exist to do so. You may set a static IP address for the console and assign it to the DMZ. A better way is to open up several ports and assign them to the console. Never install DMZ for the whole router because it may harm the security.

3. The method a user chooses to forward pots is different depending on the router’s type. Search on the internet to find a specific router’s manual.

4. Open up the given ports in TCP and UDP:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 465
  • 983
  • 3478-3480
  • 3658
  • 5223
  • 6000-7000
  • 9293
  • 10070-10080

5. Those ports are enough for Sony’s 1st-party systems (e.g., remote play or PSN) and games. It must make it possible to update to the NAT Type 2.