How to Clean MacBook Pro Screen (and Other Macs’ Screens, too)?

Keeping MacBook Pro clean inside and outside is equally important. As the time passes by, the screen of your favorite Apple computer may get dirty and unpleasant. Those are fingerprints and food leftovers. Well, many people consume their meals in front of their Macs despite the warnings of experts. Some users do the outside cleaning wrong as even more signs of dirt appear. Wiping MacBook Pro is like wiping the crystal vase. This user’s mini-guide will teach you to do it correctly based on the recommendations of Apple Support and users just like you.

clean macbook screen

Before wiping the external part of your MacBook Pro shut down the device and unplug the power adapter. It works the same way with other popular models such as MacBook Air and MacBook. Pick a damp, soft cloth. It should also be lint-free. Only such type of cloth is okay to work with your computer. The moisture should not get into the open parts. By the way, there is plenty of moistures developed specifically for Apple computers. Choose one of them. Just any cleaning fluid in the world won’t work. Never spray liquid directly on Mac. Avoid using solvents and abrasives. Keep away from the aerosol sprays. Various cleaning solutions that have hydrogen peroxide among the ingredients may harm the device.

In order to wipe the MacBook Pro’s screen, shut down the device. Disconnect the power adapter. You will need a soft and lint-free cloth again. Dampen it with water alone. Do not add any cleaning fluids or powders. Wipe the screen of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air gently.

Here is what a MacBook Pro owner should keep in mind. The models released in 2016 and later possess Touch Bar and Touch ID. How can one take care of them too? Well, it is possible to clean them similarly with a few nuances to consider. Shut down the target computer. Disconnect the adapter. Get a soft and lint-free cloth. Dampen it with water, wipe Touch Bar and Touch ID gently.

Two models, MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) and MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) require a special approach. As you have noticed, the bottom case of these two applies a soft, non-slip material. You will need a 3M Gray Microfiber to clean it.

What about Desktop Computers?

clean imac screenStart with shutting down your Mac Pro, Mac mini, or iMac. Unplug the power cord. Remove the rest of the connected gadgets (if any). Apply a damp and soft cloth once again. Wipe the exterior of the machine carefully. The moisture should not get into any opened areas. Keep away from various sprays. Solvents and abrasives are forbidden as well. Avoid cleaning tools that have hydrogen peroxide among their ingredients.

In order to wipe Mac’s display, dampen the chosen cloth with water. Nothing else is needed. Usually, Apple attaches special clothes to the packages of their products. Clean the screen.

It is not recommended to wipe the computer’s display with acetone. It is better to apply a special cleaner, which tells it can be used on such surface as computer’s display. Do not spay the cleaning fluid on the monitor.

Things like wet towels may destroy your favorite Apple devices! Do not choose the cloth, which was already used. Not a drop should come out while you clean the machine. Stop touching the screens of your computers!