How to Clear Purgeable Space on Mac’s SSD

Before we start discussing the issue of how to clean the Purgeable Space on Mac’s SSD, let’s figure out where is the so-called Purgeable even coming from?

Over the years, the amount of storage on Apple computers has only increased. However, with the advent of less inclined to failures, significantly faster and more energy-efficient drives, Mac fans faced dramatic changes. Instead of boasting a terabyte-two disk space, now you have only 250 or 500GB.

But don’t let it put you down. Apple has tried to smooth out these changes with the release of fresh macOS Sierra. As you know, not everything that is stored on your machine – useful things. This applies to both log/installation files, as well as duplicates of stored in the iCloud data.

The result of the work done is a set of functions in macOS Sierra that relate directly to freeing up space on the Mac drive. One of the most significant changes is the way the free space is displayed.

clear purgeable space

Purgeable Space cleaning up issue

Today a question what is Purgeable Space and whether it is possible to clear it is often raised in discussions. Users encounter this problem when moving important data in the iCloud.

When the free space is almost exhausted, the system notifies you. And what do you do first? Right – hurry to the storage management settings, where you realize that the lion’s share of the occupied space – Purgeable.

Users often report unsuccessful attempts to clear this space. In addition, according to them, the OS doesn’t use Purgeable to store new files, so this is nothing but “dead” space.

What files the system recognizes as Purgeable

According to macOS, Purgeable storage should contain files ideal for further deletion. Something that can be removed from the computer at any time without provoking any problems.

But no one can definitely say exactly what these files are. The so-called Purgeable storage can contain language files or already viewed movies.

Analyzing the data, we can assume that these files generally meet some of the criteria below:

  • These are old files that were not opened/used by the user for a long period of time.
  • This data was previously synchronized with iCloud and without any problems can be removed from your computer.

Tips to convert Purgeable into Free Space

  1. Apparently, the system downloads files via iTunes, irrespective of whether there is free space, and uses Purgeable storage for this. So, first of all, go to iTunes and download some movies.
  2. After downloading one or more movies (note: without a cloud symbol above their thumbnails), you need to remove these video files from the Library. Once that is done, the system will inform you that you still have access to films.

After completing these steps, you will find out that the space previously occupied by films is now available as free.

Are there any other ways?

Our answer is yes. For those who do not want to clean the Purgeable on Mac’s SSD manually, special apps are created. Such utilities detect useless files and allow you to immediately get rid of them, rather than save them for years.

Way to success:

  • Download a trustworthy Mac cleaner;
  • Run the system scan;
  • Select the Clear option;
  • Voila!