How to Collaborate in the iWork Apps?

It is so easy to do teamwork on the one common document, while everyone is sitting in the cozy home kitchen. Learn how to invite others to your file using iWork applications on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and

iWork collaboration is compatible with the following gadgets:

  • A Mac with macOS Sierra and Pages 6.3.1, Numbers 4.3.1, or Keynote 7.3.1 or later;
  • An iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11 and Pages 3.3.1, Numbers 3.3.1, or Keynote 3.3.1 or later;
  • A Mac with Safari 9 or later, or Google Chrome 50 or later;
  • A Windows PC with Internet Explorer 11 or later, or Google Chrome 50 or later.
iWork Apps

To suggest colleagues to use this application, activate iCloud Drive on your machine. For a web browser, sign in to and start the iWork application you want to use.

Take into account, that you can see files, but not edit items through the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with outdated versions of iOS or iWork apps, or an Android device.

Making a call for cooperation

When inviting users to work together on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, the system creates a link that includes the title of the doc as well. To restrict access to the form, the invitees need to log in to iCloud or through the Apple ID.

How to invite others from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • If the required file is opened in Pages, Numbers or Keynote, click ***, then click Collaborate with Others.
  • If you are in the Document Manager, go to Browse, Select, and then choose the document you need. Click Share, and Add People after.
  • To change the sharing settings and restrict access to the document, click Sharing options. Invited users can edit your file.
  • Choose the comfortable way for sending the link.
  • Add any other data, send a message.

Follow these rules to call the people from your Mac:

  • Choose the file you want to share.
  • On the toolbar, click the Collaboration icon.
  • To change the sharing settings and restrict access to the document, click General Settings. By default, invited users can edit a common
  • Choose the way you want to invite other users.
  • Add any other information, send a message.

Also, there is an option to attract other people from To open a joint document, users must sign in to iCloud or When there is no an Apple ID, users can run it after the document being shared.

If you want the file to be used by every person who gets the link, select ‘Anyone with the link’.

To allow anyone who has access to the document to edit and print it, select ‘Can make changes’.

If you want everyone with the access to be able to watch and print, without a possibility to edit it, select ‘View only’.

To change the sharing settings at any time, tap the Collaboration button, then select Sharing Options.

A document can be protected with a password as well. Then only parole holders can open the file. To do this, in the needed document, click Set Password, enter chosen information and click Done.

It is important to know

Pushing the Cooperation button will show you the list of participants of the file collaboration. This function was designed to provide info about new people in the document team and their actions.

You can add comments and respond to them without leaving the pages.

All the changes are displayed in real time. To determine who is doing some actions, sign every user with a certain color. After that, just click cursors and colored selection text to see what other participants are editing at the moment. If a color point is invisible, this file is opened, but not edited.

It’s worth knowing that you can edit the shared document on Mac and iOS only if the device is being online.

If you change something being in offline mode when interacting with, your adjustment will become visible for others only after connection to the Internet.

To refurbish language and region settings, turn off the collaboration, make changes, and then resume the file.

Quit sharing

You may need to stop sharing the document for different reasons. Perhaps, the work will be done, and the information will cease to be relevant. Or the file will need to be classified secret even for several users.

To stop the sharing, open the document – click the Collaborate icon – tap Stop Sharing – then OK.

After the sharing is stopped, all participants can no longer see the file. If you set the access to ‘Only people you invite,’ you have to invite everyone again.

Now you know how to carry out teamwork easily without leaving one’s home.