How to Make Comcast Account Work Again?

Sometimes users complain about their Comcast accounts: they cannot log in due to problems with Safari. Although they can visit the website and scroll the webpage, all the other options are not available for them. Do not panic if such a situation occurred to you either. Just use the provided advice and fix everything easily.

Try another Browser

However strange this tip might look like, yet many users say that there is no problem to get access to the Comcast Account with Chrome, for instance. Presumably, something went wrong with your Safari (installation or upgrade turned out to be incomplete and so on). So if you need your account immediately and you have no time to tackle the problem, just switch to another browser you have on your Mac.

Make Alterations to the Following Tools

If the problems seem to be real and long-term, you’d better test some instruments: first of all, make the caches empty. Here is the instruction: entering Safari, go to ‘’Preferences’’ and then ‘’Advanced’’. You will see an item ‘’Show Menu’’ in the bar. You have to checkmark a box there. Afterward, press Develop and choose the option of making the caches empty. In order to strengthen the effect, repeat this procedure two or three times. The users can also remove so-called cookies files. To do this, start Safari and then go to Preferences (just as in the previous case), but click ‘’Privacy’’ and ‘’Cookies and Data’’ after. The following step is to press the button for managing website data, and thus you’ll remove all files, mentioned above. The third option is again made by Safari-preferences, but this time click ‘’Security’’ and ‘’Web content’’. Thus, users can see, if JavaScript was enabled or not.

Try to Get Feedback from the Hosts

You may use the link of feedback, delivered by the hosts for the beta software. That’s the only way to tackle the problem with it, as the hosts do not let users correct beta software.

Use Your Finder to Get Rid of the Damaged Files

As it has been mentioned before in the title, click on the Finder and then choose the respective folders (either user or home). Afterward, the user has to opt for Finder, Show View or just View. He or she can also just click on J key. When the last variant is chosen, you need to look at Library Folder. Thus, you make the library folder available and visible in one of the folders.  In order to get rid of the cookies rubbish, find Caches under the title ‘’Select Library’’ and click on the link. The users can also switch to Safari Preferences (they are also called ‘’Extensions’’ and reject them all. Then just switch those extensions one by one until it is clear which of them have caused the inadequate work.

If the previous advice didn’t work

The user has another option, but first of all, he or she has to run the program in the normal modem using their account. To fulfill the space for the reply, use an output, coped and pasted before. The program, used to tackle problems like those, described in this article, was made by Etresoft. This contributor is really common for most users. In order to ease this task user should copy and then paste the screenshots, because otherwise, it’s impossible to read them. Share the Report by clicking the bottom, then chose to copy the report and evidently put it to reply. This quite tricky method to restore the functions of your account will demonstrate, what is going on with the Mac.