How to Completely Remove Boot Сamp from Mac

Many people conduct a serious mistake when they delete things they don’t know from their Macs. For instance, it seems surprising that someone would like to delete Bootcamp. It is a multi-boot tool, which goal is to help Mac owners in setting up Microsoft Windows OS on Intel-grounded Macintosh devices. It is a rather useful software as it assists in installing any applications and games available only for the Windows users. Bootcamp allows running Windows in the background. Why would anyone need it? Well, Windows has some great apps, not available for Macs. Besides, you may find it necessary to attend some government or healthcare organization website one day, and their official web pages usually can be viewed only with Internet Explorer.

Bootcamp guides Mac owners through non-harmful disk partitioning of the hard drive and setup of Windows device drivers. It is possible to select a boot operating system then. The utility does not work for those who wish to get Linux or other operating systems.

How to Delete Boot Camp from Your Mac?

To tell you the truth, the basic reason to get sick and tired of the Bootcamp utility is the serious slowdown in the entire system. For example, many MacBook Pro 2007 owners complain that they have noticed a rapid drop in the performance since they first installed the utility. Some of them have n idea how to get rid of the application, so they ask for help. Well, running two operating systems at the same time requires a lot of resources. That is obvious that an overall performance may decrease.

The process of removing the Bootcamp app is rather simple. Just:

  1. Go to the Applications folder.
  2. Find Utilities in Applications and notice a Boot Camp Assistant feature.
  3. Launch the Boot Camp Assistant.
  4. Press Continue on the primary BootCamp Assistant Introduction window.
  5. Choose Create/Remove a Windows After that, choose to Continue.
  6. Push the Restore button to eliminate the Windows partition. Return the hard drive disk to only one partition OX X volume.
  7. The system will ask a user to type in the password. Once you do so, push OK. Hopefully, you remember the admin’s password!
  8. You will see the BootCamp Assistant partitioning. After that, the system will get you to a single OS X volume back again.

This should be all.

Any Problems?

There are several issues you may face. For instance, a Continue button may appear greyed as you reach a corresponding step. Second, it may say something like, “Your disk could not be restored to a single partition.” Now, it is great if you have done a Time Machine backup of your operating system as the only way to rectify this trouble is to WIPE, Re-Partition, and format the hard drive and restore from the Time Machine backup. Otherwise, you will lose your data.