How to Use & Configure Apple TV Aerial Screensavers?

One of the awesome Apple TV capabilities delivered by Apple TV 4 is Aerial screensavers. No more staring at the black television screen while the Apple TV is idle! Users can enjoy spectacular views and landscapes looking at the beautifully filmed Aerial screensavers. There is a setting in Apple TV which allows checking for new screensaver updates to download them automatically. Apple TV can download a limited number of screensavers at a particular time, so you need to configure how often you want Apple TV to update your local screensaver copies.

What is Apple TV Aerial Screensaver?

Aerial Screensaver is a set of HD videos filming various landmarks and landscapes of the world in slow motion. Over time the displayed videos may change. Apple TV automatically downloads new videos of an online location from Apple servers. In December 2016 the list of Aerial screensavers significantly expanded. The screensavers have acquired Day and Night views based on your local time. The Apple TV dynamically shows relevant video according to the user’s time of day.

The current list of Aerial screensavers includes imagery from different parts of the world. Users can enjoy the views of big cities like San Francisco, New York City, and London. The footage also includes typical landscapes of China and Hawaii. Apple has filmed a selection of different sequences for the same geographical location and time of day. Note: users of Mac computers and Windows PC can enjoy Apple TV Aerial screensavers.

How to Change Aerial Screensavers on Apple TV?

The most frequently asked questions related to Aerial screensavers are:

  • How to change the screensaver?
  • How to download more Aerial videos from Apple?
  • How to disable the Apple TV Aerial screensavers?

1. On your Apple TV, go to the Settings

general settings


2. Navigate to General in the right part of the screen.

apple tv settings


3. Choose the Screensaver

choose screensaver


4. Select Type. In the Screensaver Type section, you can choose ‘Aerial,’ ‘Apple Photos,’ ‘My Photos,’ and ‘Home ‘ Go for ‘Aerial’ to display the landscape videos. If you want to change the type of screensaver, choose the one you think is best and exit the Apple TV Settings.

apple tv aerial type

How to Download Apple TV Aerial Videos?

If you want to set the time of Aerial video updates on your Apple TV, follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to Apple TV Settings, then navigate to Screensaver.

download new video


2. Choose Aerial, although it may be already chosen.

3. Press down the MENU button once on your Apple TV or Siri Remote control.

4. Once the Download new videos option becomes available, select it.

5. Choose the frequency of Aerial videos updates from the Apple servers.

How to Turn Off Aerial Screensaver?

Go to Screensaver -> Start After to configure when the screensaver needs to come on. The time spans are as follows: 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes. Selecting Never will turn the Aerial Screensaver off.