How to Copy Cell Content Without Formulas?

Being a part of Apple’s iWork productivity pack, the Numbers app can help you create and edit spreadsheets, diagrams, charts, and much more. Users of iWork can share the documents across Apple devices and Windows personal computers using the iCloud service. Any user with access to the Numbers spreadsheet can edit, resize, and apply different styles to objects within a document. iWork’s Numbers provide unlimited possibilities regarding data processing and organization.

How to Use Formulas in Numbers?

aaple numbers formula bar

Formulas in the Numbers app help to perform fast calculations and process massive amounts of numeric data. It is possible to add formulas to any spreadsheet cell, using the pre-defined combinations/functions or the ones of your own. The Numbers application does the calculations and shows the result in a chosen table cell.

To insert a formula/function:

  • Create a cell reference: Select the cells in the spreadsheet to use a cell value or a range of cell values in your formula.
  • Use a function: Access the Function Browser by selecting (tapping) Function. Look up the needed function in the categories to select it for further use. In the input bar, tap each argument and select a cell or a range of cells to substitute the argument. Once you select values, the gray color changes to the color of the arguments below.
  • Insert an arithmetic operator: select among the arithmetic operators (+ or <) you need to use.

When finished, click/tap ✅.

How to View Instant Calculations?

numbers calculation bar

If you need to view the instant calculations of a cell range, select the cells/columns or rows to calculate. The results will appear at the bottom of the Numbers window.

To count a range of cells, get a sum or average:

  1. Select the columns/rows or a range of cells you need to calculate.
  2. After that, select a cell to show the results of the calculations.
  3. Click toolbar iconin the toolbar and select a formula.
  4. To alter the cell range, double-click the resulting After that, all the cells used for calculation will highlight, and the formula editor will show up.

Resize the cell selection by dragging the dot in the upper-left or bottom-right corner of the cell range. Alternatively, you can move the selection by clicking the cell range, then dragging the selection borders sideways to specify the columns or rows you want to include.

Note: do not include the resulting cell in the selection. Otherwise, you’ll get an error.

How to Copy & Paste the Cell Content Without Formulas?

paste formula results

To copy the content of a spreadsheet or a specific cell, select the data and use a Command-C key combination. Alternatively, access the Edit menu → select Copy.

To paste the cell value without the underlying formula, choose a destination → select the ‘Paste Formula Results’ option in the Edit menu. Alternatively, you can use the Shift-Command-V keyboard shortcut.