How to Create an Apple ID without Credit Card Info?

iPhone owners can easily access plenty of apps that constitute the reach software ecosystem of Apple. Having the best apps is the cornerstone of good iPhone user experience. Although there are loads of commercial apps for which a user has to pay upfront or after a download, it is not always reasonable to buy the paid versions of an app.

It has to do with the fact that the App Store has more than enough free apps with cutting-edge features and slim interfaces. From brilliant alarm clocks to creative weather apps—there’s everything an iPhone user may wish for. Therefore, there’s no reason not to reduce a mobile budget by saving on app purchases. Additionally, downloading and installing free apps is the go-to choice for those iPhone owners who don’t have a credit card. The article explains how to create and use an Apple ID that is not associated with a payment method.

Create an Apple ID without Credit Card Information

To create an ID without tying it to a credit card, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store app on an iPhone;
  2. Find any free app;
  3. Tap the Get button next to the app;
  4. In a Sign In window, select Create New Apple ID option;
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions;
  6. Under Payment Method, select None;
  7. Verity the ID via email.

Sometimes, a user cannot choose the None option in the Payment Method section. This happens for a number of reasons, which are described below.

None isn’t an option if a user has an unpaid balance. To check whether there’s a payment due, view the purchase history on a MacBook or Mac. Usually, a user is informed about a billing issue after signing to the App Store. To view more information about the issue, they should click on the Billing Info button.

An automatically reviewed subscription is another reason for the unavailability of the None option. It is necessary to cancel the subscription to be able to change or remove the credit card information.

An iPhone user cannot create an account without a payment method if they are not in the country for which the account is created. For example, if the user is situated in the US while entering a French billing address, the None option will be unavailable for them.

Remove Credit Card Information

Those who already have an Apple ID account and want to remove their credit card information should take the following steps:

  1. From the Settings menu of the account, go to Payment & Shipping;
  2. Tap the Payment Method, which will allow editing the payment details;
  3. To remove the credit card information, tap the Change Payment Method at the bottom of the screen;
  4. Select the None option;

The same can be done from a Mac:

  1. Launch iTunes;
  2. Sign in to the account;
  3. Click on the Account tab and select the View My Account option;
  4. Authenticate the ID;
  5. Click on the View Account button;
  6. Click the Edit button on the account information page;
  7. In the Payment Type section, remove the payment method by selecting the None option;
  8. Click the Done

After removing the payment method information from their Apple ID, a user will no longer be asked to confirm their billing details while trying to download a free app from the App Store.