How to Work with Shapes in the iWork Apps

Did you know that ordinary text documents, tables, and presentations can be varied with the help of shapes? Learn how to create your graphics figure quickly and easily without additional apps and use them in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote.

In the library, you can find both ready-made forms, and create original ones through the iWork app. The insertion of a figure from the iWork shapes library into the document is very quick. Once you try it, the workflow will be easy and understandable.

draw shapes iwork

To get started on the Mac, click the Shapes icon and select the form you like.

On the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, tap Add, then the Shapes icon. Select the desired one.

On the website, you can also select configurations. To do this, click on the Shapes icon and select the one that you liked.

Moreover, by placing a figure in the document, it can be divided into parts or be combined with other shapes and create another new one. After editing, add it to the shapes library so that you can use it later.

Designing a new shape

To create new shapes, you can combine existing ones. For such a combination, four different operations are provided:

  • Unite. When several figures are combined, they form a single figure.
  • Intersect. When several figures converge, a new form is created from the areas of their mutual intersection.
  • Subtract. When deducting from the first figure, the area overlapped by the second shape, that is removed.
  • Exclude. With the exception, a new figure is created by eliminating the areas of mutual intersection of the shapes.

On iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, select the shape you like, tap the brush icon, Arrange, then choose how to merge the shapes.

On a Mac, select all shapes to use, click the brush icon, Arrange, and choose how to merge shapes.

Now, let’s figure out how to divide the shapes into several parts

Some figures consist of several parts. After breaking apart the figures into parts, it is possible to change the color and form of items and delete unnecessary parts as well.

If you work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, select the form to corrode – tap the brush icon – Arrange – Boreal Part.

On a Mac, the system is somehow simpler. Click the shape while holding the Control key, and then Break Apart.

Some figures in the library consist of others, which can also come in handy. For example, you can use different regions of the country or countries of the same continent. In this case, after disconnection, a separate part can be used separately.

If you want to use this figure again in the future, without disconnecting it, just add it to the shape library.

Moreover, a separate part of the figure can be painted with a separate color.

Add shape characteristic

After adding a figure to a document, you can modify the following style components:

  • Fill a shape with an image, solid color or gradient.
  • Border. Diversify a figure with a picture frame or dashed line, and then change the thickness of this border, its color, and other aspects.
  • Shadow. Adding one of six preset shadows to the shape, and then adjust the blur, shift, and transparency.
  • Reflection. Adding a reverberation to the shape and adjust its clarity.
  • Opacity. By adjusting the degree of transparency of objects, you can achieve interesting effects.

To change the shape style

On a Mac, select the shape you want, then click the brush icon and Style. Click the opening triangle for any particular style to see its advanced preferences.

On iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, click the brush icon, then Style.

On, click the brush icon, then Style. Select a separate option to see its advanced settings.

To save the design, click the brush icon, Style and the arrow to the right. Choose the shape with the style changes, Control-click on the template and click ‘Redefine Style from Selection.’

It is possible to add customized figures to own shapes library. When saving a custom one, all the form configurations like colors, size, opacity, etc. are saved. After adding a shape to the library, it becomes available in the Pages, Numbers and Keynote programs on the Mac.

Now you know how to make any document more interesting, and your image is more inventive. Enjoy!