How to Create a Disk Image for Boot Camp from Windows Installation Media

Did you get a copy of Windows OS as an installation DVD? Then, you will need to come up with an ISO image from the given media. It is also called a disk image. Without it, you will not get Windows with the help of Boot Camp. In case you ignore that step, a notification will show up telling that you should press any key. Otherwise, an Apple computer will not boot up from Windows while the setup process is on.

The existing editions of Windows are available I the shape of downloadable disk image files. You can also find them as the installation media. In case your Windows clone arrived as an installation DVD, develop an ISO image from the given media to set up Windows OS.

Come up with personal ISO

Complete these stages to have a disk image clone of Windows DVD.

  1. Put in the Windows installation DVD in an external optical USB drive. You may also connect the Windows USB drive to a USB port on an Apple computer. Do it all when the device is booting from OS X or macOS.
  2. Launch Disk Utility. It is in the Applications folderà Do it once the installation media mounts in Finder. Select Go and Utilities – it is another alternative.
  3. Choose the USB optical drive/Windows flash drive. Wait until it is highlighted in the Disk Utility.
  4. Pick File and New Image. Pick your Windows DVD/flash drive from the submenu.
  5. Select DVD/CD master from the Image Format. Select none from the Encryption menu.
  6. Provide a file with a new name. After that, choose Save. The system may ask to type the admin’s name along with the passcode. Then, a progress bar will show up. The image file is generated during this process. Be patient and wait for the image file to complete.
  7. Once the process is over, remove the OS installation disc/flash drive. In case you use an external optical drive, disconnect it from the USB port after the ejecting.
  8. From Finder, locate the disk image file you developed before. Click one time to choose it. After that, push the Enter/Return key on the keyboard to change the name of the file. modify the disk image file extension from .cdr to .iso. if the system asks, pick “Use .iso” to confirm this modification.

Check whether the device can be removed

If you develop an ISO image or copy drivers to a USB flash drive, check if the used machine operates as a removable drive. Certain devices mount as a fixed storage device. It means that it is impossible to eject them.

Connect the flash drive/SD card. After that, attempt to remove them from Finder. In case there is no feature telling that a user can Eject the target drive (look for such opportunity in the Finder menu), you will not be able to set up Windows with that device.

Apply Boot Camp to set up Windows from the disk image

Once a user has developed the disc image, he/she should apply Boot Camp Assistant. It would be the simplest and quickest way to get Windows on an Apple computer.

While the setup process is on, you might notice a screen wondering about the assignments a user would like to command.

Ensure all three assignments are chosen:

  • Develop a Windows 8 or up install disk.
  • Download the most recent Windows support software. Go to Apple to do so.
  • Get either Windows 8 or the edition released after it.

Once you pick Continue, Boot Camp Assistant will ask to place the ISO file developed by the user. Choose it and push the OK button to start the installation of Windows operating system.