How to Get Rid of the Photos on iPhone 5 on iOS 7?

Imagine that your favorite iPhone is running out of space, and everything you can erase are the photo files as you do not store films or games on the device. Having about 1000 images can lead to the significant drop in space. Thus, removing pictures might be a good idea. Before eliminating any files from your iOS device, we recommend doing a backup via Dropbox or Apple computer.

You may have seen some recommendations that insist on uploading the entire list of pictures to Mac before being allowed to get rid of all photos. Isn’t it strange that you cannot just remove all of them at once? Or can you? It is time to find out!

The Usual Way

Perhaps, the majority of iPhone owners will tell you that the quickest method to remove all photos on the iOS 7 devices is:

  • To launch the Photos application;
  • Tap Photos on the left;
  • Choose the Moments view;
  • Pick Select in front of each image;
  • Tap the Trash icon after that.

Do not try to find “Select All” feature on your iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple did not add it.

The Old Method You May Use

get rid of all iphone photos

If you do not give up, there is one more method for you to try. There is no need to backup or import the files before. Simply launch the import window and do the rest of the job:

  1. Connect iPhone to your Mac.
  2. Launch Preview.
  3. Move to File -> Import from iPhone.
  4. Press Command + A to pick all images.
  5. Push the Delete sign on the bottom.

In fact, it all depends on the number of pictures you wish to eliminate. It is far more difficult to cope with the huge amount of pics. If you have something around 1000 photos to remove, it is better to use a computer.

Here is what Mac experts have to offer when it comes to removing multiple images from a mobile device running iOS.

Start tapping Select in the top-right corner, pick the pictures you do not need any longer, and tap the Trash icon. To ease the process and minimize the efforts, grab and drag the finger across the screen to choose the unnecessary files faster.

Regarding the entire albums, it is possible to toss away all pics from the specified location in one touch. In case you wish to eliminate the particular types of pictures (e.g., selfie, screenshot), make sure they are categorized respectively.

Go to the album with the unwanted items and tap Select. It is in the top-right part of the screen. Next, press Select All. At last, grab the trash icon to erase everything inside.

It is possible to remove the album in full if you are its creator and owner. The automatic albums like ‘Photos from camera’ do not count. Go to Photos -> Albums -> Edit and tap the red circle, which shows up. Please keep in mind that the pictures inside remain – this action simply deletes the album and places all images into the default Camera Roll.