How to Disable Two-Step Verification to Access Apple TV Faster?

Many Apple TV owners simply hate the two-step verification process. It makes sense that they would like to get rid of that annoying verification code. In most cases, it means an Apple TV is locked so that the user has to change personal Apple ID passcode. There might be two solutions: deactivating the 2-step verification code or unlocking the Apple TV to finally watch the films you bought. But first…

Why Do You Need Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification makes the security of your Apple ID much stronger. Once it is on, no third party would be able to break through to access your personal information. While a single-step verification may ask for the password only, a 2-step checking procedure involves a password, a verification code sent to the user’s trusted device, and sometimes – a Recovery Key. You are the only one who can restore/change the password, control trusted devices, and come up with a new Recovery Key. Official Apple Support can also be helpful, but even they cannot modify these three elements instead of you. Each time you decide to use a 2-step verification for more powerful and reliable security, you should take the following measures:

  1. Memorize your password.
  2. Keep the trusted devices physically safe.
  3. Save a Recovery Key in a protected location.

Remember: if you lose access to at least two of the three elements at once, it is possible that you will be locked out of the personal Apple ID constantly. The best thing is that a user does not have to come up with and memorize any security questions, which are often trickier to answer than entering a passcode by heart.

To sum up, it is better to leave the two-step verification for the security purposes. If for any reason you wish to disable it, follow the guide below.

How Can I Switch Two-Step Verification off?

Take these steps to disable the two-step verification:

  1. Log in to your Apple ID account page.
  2. Pick Edit in the Security category.
  3. Choose Turn OFF 2-step verification there.
  4. Come up with new security questions and confirm the date of birth.

Soon, you will obtain an email with the confirmation of the cancellation of 2-step verification for your Apple ID.

Is there anything else you can do? Yes. In case you are not locked out and successfully upgraded to another phone, you can solve the problem via iCloud e-mail.

Take the following steps:

  1. Go to iCloud settings.
  2. Pick Apple ID Manager.
  3. Choose Security.
  4. Pick “Turn Off 2 Step Verification”
  5. Log into the second recovery e-mail.
  6. Apply verification code sent to your e-mail.
  7. Decide on the new security questions.

The process of two-step verification might be irritating and you can disable it at any moment, but keep in mind why Apple offers it.