How to Disable Voice Control on your iOS device?

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Users of the devices operated by iOS 10.2+ can turn off Siri or Voice Control so that it won’t respond after you press the Home button and hold it. Here are a few instructions on how to do that:

  1. Find Settings app on the device, go to General, then Accessibility and tap on Home Button.
  2. For Press and Hold to Speak, choose one of the following options:
  • Siri: It will reply after your press the Home button and hold it.
  • Voice Control: Standard Voice Control will reply after your press the Home button and hold it. Siri will be disabled automatically.
  • Off: It disables Siri and Voice Control, you won’t get any response after your press the Home button and hold it.

Note: Such settings apply solely to the Home Button. Sometimes, when there is poor or loose headset connection, worn cables or some moisture on the remote or connector, Voice Control or Siri may be activated unexpectedly. We recommend you to check if the headset is properly plugged into your device. In case the issue recurs, you should try another headset.

Disabling Voice Control in the Earlier Versions

Many iOS 10.1 and earlier versions users complained about the Voice Control unintentional activation while carrying the device in a pocket or purse. It used to happen due to things around the device accidentally pressing the Home Button and holding it for several seconds.

The thing is, for the iOS versions earlier than 10.2, disabling Voice Control is a bit tricky operation as you cannot actually turn it off – you can only override it by enabling Siri. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this workaround:

Step 1. First of all, you should enable Siri. To do that, go to Settings → tap Siri (if you have iOS 9 and earlier, you’ll have to tap ‘General’ first) → toggle Siri ON.

Step 2. Go back to Settings and choose ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ (or ‘Passcode’ in older versions).

Step 3. Type in your passcode and tap ‘Turn Passcode on.’ Now, you’ll need to come up with a passcode to enable the lock screen.

Step 4. Toggle the ‘Voice Dial’ OFF – this will disable voice dialing.

Step 5. Under the section ‘Allow access when locked,’ tap ‘Siri’ to turn off this assistant from lock screen.

Step 6. Set ‘Require Password’ to ‘Immediately.’ This setting will make your device require a passcode once you press the screen or Home button when the phone is locked. Thus, accidental pocket or purse call will be no more possible to make as the Home button long press would not enable Voice Control or Siri.